March 3, 2015

Deer Capital signAt the October 6, 2014 BOC meeting Comm. Salmon made a statement that he would pay for the 25 “Deer Capital” signs that Karen Degges pushed the BOC to order. The cost would be $35 per sign for a total cost of $875.

See video of the entire discussion. Comm. Salmon’s comments come at 5:20 on the video. He said he was willing to pay for the signs to help “advertise” Jasper County.

It appears that Comm. Salmon didn’t follow through with his pledge. Last night the BOC approved a budget amendment to move $1,050 for “Deer Capital Signs” into the Public Works budget. There was no discussion of this because it was on the consent agenda.

See resolution here.

Karen Degges pushed the BOC to order the 25 signs saying they could easily sell them at the Deer Festival for $70 each for someone’s “man cave.” It appears they didn’t sell quite as well as she expected, so the Public Works budget will absorb the cost, according to the resolution.

You can see by the video and the resolution that was passed last night (3/2/15) by the BOC that TWG does not put out “inaccurate accusatory statements that are without merit.” Comm. Salmon needs to follow through with his pledge.



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  1. D Shepp says:

    I bought one for my Shop a few years back. I think it’s a good thing to post on the roads as well.

  2. Taxpayers Have Plenty of Money For Us Commissioners To Waste! says:

    Mr. Salmon clearly stated he would personally absorb the cost of unsold signs. We can trust our commissioners to be honest and trustworthy—–r i g h t? In no way should public works or any other department absorb the cost. The pavement is falling apart on my road, yet we have the funds to buy stinking deer signs. Come on Craig, break out the wallet, and pay for your signs.

  3. Blue Light Special says:

    Ms. Degges was in a great hurry to have these signs made and thought they would sell like hot cakes. I thought at the time that charging $70.00 was outrageous. Who in their right mind would spend $70 for a stupid sign?

    Since the Chamber was involved with this, they could have the signs in their office and have a close-out sale. See if anyone is even remotely interested in paying $35.00 for one of them.

  4. James says:

    Read your email. Can we expect another letter to the editor from Salmon as you exposed him again? Did he ever get numbers for his mailbox?

  5. Bob says:

    I have noticed lately how many people that you would think are honorable will do or tell you anything. They have no honor . Their word is worthless. They will even steal. This doesn’t just apply to politicians. Pay attention how many low down people there are out there. Things have really changed. Bob

  6. John Ashton says:

    Since when is it a function of government to buy damn deer signs? What a stupid, idiotic idea… but what do you expect from a stupid, idiotic county manager?

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