March 6, 2015

NepotismJasper County’s hiring process seems to be fatally flawed. If the County Manager can overlook qualified, local people so she could hire her friend, who is now living with her, something is wrong with both the process and the policy.

Recently, Karen Degges hired Virginia Williams to be a full-time code enforcement officer. Ms. Williams has moved here from the City of Cornelia (according to her application) to take the job “for a pay increase” and just happens to live with the County Manager.

 Since Ms. Williams didn’t submit a resume, we asked for her job application.

See copy here.

How did Virginia Williams find out about the position? According to her application, from Karen Degges.   And why did she leave her job making $11.83 per hour with the City of Cornelia? For more pay. Karen Degges set Ms. Williams pay at $15.00 per hour—a $6600 per year pay increase. And despite the fact that Karen Degges has told the BOC she was going to hire a code enforcement officer part-time (and the budget was set for a part time person), Ms. Williams was hired to work full time.

It is also interest that Virginia Williams worked with/for Karen Degges in the City of Baldwin. Ms. Degges was her supervisor. Nepotism at its finest!

How many qualified, local people were passed up? We will never know, and it doesn’t matter because our current BOC bows to the whims of Karen Degges and are so easily manipulated by her.



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