March 9, 2015

As previously reported, Jasper County has applied for a 6-month extension to complete the audit for the year that ended June 30, 2014. The audit was originally due by 12/31/14.

Jasper County’s audit has always been submitted on time until last year when Karen Degges became County Manager. It was submitted about 1 month late. This year it will be submitted sometime before June 30, 2015.

Watch this video:

Mike Benton, county finance director, says several things had to be “re-done” and several things were left “undone” and that’s the reason for the delay and the extension. He repeated, “So much had to be done that was not done.”

Now who has been the Finance Director before he took over? Karen Degges, our County Manager/Financial Director. It is hard to get things done when you are out of the office for a week at a time, take 2 hour lunches and come in late almost every morning. During the entire week of February 23 –February 27, Ms. Degges was out of the office again, and out of town. Even though we have asked just how much Paid Time Off (PTO) Ms. Degges has left, we never could get a clear answer because she refused to give us the answer.

Based on several comments by Comm. Trammell in BOC meetings, Mike Benton is working late and on week-ends. He must be trying hard to find that $640,000 surplus Karen Degges said the audit would show in her presentation to the BOC.







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  1. Swamp Thing says:

    Ive never actually worked in a ‘government office’ but I sure have been the top dog in many for profit corporations. Im confused. If I was ever stupid enough to hire someone who could not do the job they were terminated immediately and someone else was brought in with the standard edict: “If you cant do the job on time and correctly and under budget, I will get someone who can.” It appears by this episode Jasper County has a history of rewarding failure. What a disaster!

  2. Anita says:

    Extending the audit for 6 months is ridiculous.

    Didn’t Ms. Degges get an award for the fiscal year 2013 audit? Why then is the fiscal year 2014 delayed so long? By the time the public gets to see the audit for FY2014, we will be ready to begin FY2016.

    If there are any errors made that the audit discovers, these errors will have been repeated for almost a full year.

    This audit should have been done already. In another month or so the county manager and finance manager need to be working on the FY2016 budget.

  3. Drsaid says:

    Giving 6 months, a good/crooked accountant can connive around and make the books look any way they want. I think our accountant is an upright and righteous person that would not falsify things. But on the other hand, when a person is pushed, pressured and threatened by their boss/county manager it makes doing what is right a true test of morals.

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