March 10, 2015

GA State CapitolFirst the State legislature passed a bill a few years ago to do away with the taxes paid on car tags—all of which went to the local county—and changed it so that money went to the State in a different form. Then the money received was doled back out to the counties on a formula. Many counties got a revenue cut.

Then the Georgia House just passed a new transportation bill a week ago that takes local sales tax money and gives it to the State for transportation, because as one state legislator put it, “the transportation problems that Atlanta faces are so crushing.” Yes, this bill is about taking local money to help metro Atlanta’s traffic problems while leaving local governments to increase taxes to make up for the revenue cut.

Now another bill is being debated that will have local school systems paying over $100,000,000 ($102.8M to be exact) for health insurance benefits for school bus drivers and cafeteria workers. See article below:

Devil’s in the budget details for state workers

Andy Miller – Georgia Health News

The budget issue that has most rattled the General Assembly this year involves the proposed elimination of health insurance for 11,500 part-time school employees, mainly bus drivers and cafeteria workers.

The Georgia House, feeling the heat from the public over the unpopular proposal, put the benefits for the non-certificate workers back into the budget. But the legislators shifted that cost – more than $100 million – to the local school districts. That sparked a new outcry.

And as the debate continues about who should pay these costs, a state document circulated by a Georgia blogger has raised eyebrows about what the State Health Benefit Plan (SHBP) is saving under its current insurance setup.


So when you read the State is balancing their budget, they are only balancing it on the backs of local –county, city, and school system—governments, who in turn increase the property taxes on their citizens.

Our State Representative, Susan Holmes, was only one of 46 that voted NO on the new transportation bill. We thank her for looking out for the local folks back home who seem to be shouldering more and more of the spending for Atlanta.



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  1. L.Short says:

    What passes for local political representation has been replaced by the state dominated fascist party. In determining the economic path of private and public enterprise the mewling milksops in county government have ceded all authority to Regional, State and Federal powers.

    Local control over County government and subsequently county revenue is a thing of the past. Our county government has no leaders. We have tools of the corporatist state government. The complacent puppets only parrot the Smart Growth fascist strategy they were taught by state and regional planners. The State and unelected and untested bed-wetters at DCA determines funding and growth plans for Jasper County. The tools on the BOC merely rubber stamp their policies and land use plan maps.

    One Republican vote against the tide of fascism sweeping over the state does not a trend make. Rep.Holmes would have made a better impression of a warrior against infringement of State government on the revenue stream of local taxpayers had she adamantly renounced the crony corporate bill HB170 before the vote, both on the floor of the State house and throughout her district via the freedom of the public press.

    No battle not entered is ever won. But, then , it would be hard to campaign against HB 170 , another love child of regional Smart Growth, when one travels about the district’s liberal churches, preaching the miracle of corporate guided albeit taxpayer funded Smart Growth from the pulpits of the once sacrosanct Christian altar. One can’t be for and against pilfering the public trust and corporate cronyism simultaneously.

    The Republican vote for the seizure of local tax funds via HB 170 was a shoo-in for the Republican Party and one symbolic vote against the avalanche of corporate influence hardly cost Rep. Holmes any political capital.

    The corruption of State government and the fascist desire for total control over all local tax revenue has increased a hundred under the false banner of “limited government: flown by the Republican Party. True conservatives funding the government of the State of Georgia no longer have any representation in their State legislature.

    We get only what we allow. And, we’ve allowed the corporate spawned fascist party a total victory over the interests of the taxpayers of the State of Georgia.

    “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power…all within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state

    ― Benito Mussolini

  2. Tom says:

    So, please vote and elect more Republicans to keep on balancing the budget at our expense, After all that’s why you voted for them.

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