March 16, 2015

No regional dump

Tonight at the BOC meeting an item on the agenda called “County Manager Items—Landfill” turned into a discussion about options of what to do at the landfill. County Manager, Karen Degges, had prepared the following chart. (Click to enlarge)


Landfill Options 031615

It seems this discussion carried over into the Executive Session (behind closed doors). When the BOC came out 50 minutes later, all the citizens had left. Thankfully, Kathy Mudd, editor of The Monticello News stayed until the meeting was called back to order. The BOC VOTED 4-1 with Comm. Pennamon against, to establish a 7 member Solid Waste Authority. There were no details, but supposedly a resolution will be available from the county attorney, Jim Alexander tomorrow.

Unfortunately, this BOC does its very best to keep the public in the darkest corner possible while telling us how transparency is so very important to them and how they have no secrets.

What started as an update on the landfill tonight, ended up being something that appeared to be pre-planned. A solid waste authority, selling the landfill, or leasing the landfill were NOT on the agenda nor in the agenda packet obtained early this morning. So this item was clearly not labeled correctly in an attempt to hide it from the public and move on it without the public’s knowledge. This is a clear violation of open meetings and the spirit of and the reason for the open meetings law.

As you can see on this chart, the last 2 options involve leasing the landfill and allowing waste from anywhere—thereby making it a so-called Regional Landfill. Karen Degges said the county had another 150 acres of land and we could expand the landfill or allow the “lessee” to expand it. Comm. Luke made a comment that we could always trade the landfill for 10 Sheriff cars, jokingly of course, but this seems to be the mindset. Karen Degges also made several comments that everyone (meaning other counties) wants out, and that even bigger counties are the feeling pain of this (landfill costs).

Newton County is doing the same thing with their landfill, and honestly we have to wonder just how involved the county attorney, Jim Alexander of Newton County, was in these proposals tonight. Our BOC sees nothing but dollar signs, and “proposals” based on “ideas.” (Like the Deer Signs that were going to make all kinds of money—so far TWO have been sold.)

Tomorrow night (3/17/15) the Newton County Commissioners are holding a meeting and will possibly vote on expanding their landfill by allowing another company to come in and bring in waste from all over.

Here is part of the story from The Newton Citizen:

COVINGTON — Residents aired dozens of complaints and questions at a lengthy landfill expansion public hearing Thursday night…..

And from WSB-TV:

The Newton County Board of Commissioners got an earful from opponents of the proposal and from those concerned about the potential impact on the Yellow River. Attorneys insist the impact on the area along Lower River Road would be minimal despite ongoing complaints about pollution, the odor, buzzards and traffic…..


Citizens of Jasper County, it is time you started attending meetings and voicing your opinion. Do you want a regional landfill near the Recreation Department and 3 schools?? Do you want more big trucks loaded with debris coming through Jasper County to dump at the landfill? If not, now is the time to speak up and speak out!

We will have some video and more information in a few days. Also, this Thursday’s Monticello News should have more details of what went on after the BOC came out of Executive Session and voted on this.



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Citizens, be informed and stay informed! Your comments are welcome.

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  1. L.Short says:

    If long term experience comes before wisdom and wisdom is the key quality in selecting leadership, then why is Republican debt handler, known for nothing other than creating massive public debt allowed to drive the County bus with his posse of puppet Republicans occupying all the front seats, while the one Democrat with decades of experience in County government is forced to sit at the back to the bus?

    If the Democrat was current chairman of the Board of Commissioners, would the citizens of Jasper County have seen the issue of a creating a Regional Dump even placed on the agenda for public discussion?

    I seriously doubt it, since this issue Regional Dump proposal was very expediently put to rest years ago and I’m sure the board’s one Democrat clearly recalls the firestorm set off by the this issue years ago and would have adamantly advised against opening those old political wounds again.

    Perhaps the Chairman Debt Handler and his crew of rubber stamps should take their turn at the back of the bus before being allowed to steer the bus. They clearly are not ready for a chauffeur’s license, just yet.

  2. Doug says:

    The idea is making Jasper county a regional garbage dump is about as lame brained as Ms. Degges suggestion that the G P fiber can be used to produce electricity at a later date. It is not economically feasible because of the costs involved, economies of scale and technical requirements needed to make it work. Oh, it sounds so wonderful to make electric power from the fiber board, but realistically it will not work.

    A similar scheme to make ethanol from cellulose was attempted in Ga. quite a few years ago. Sounds great-doesn’t it? We can say goodbye to dirty diesel and gasoline and run our vehicles on clean ethanol. It was backed by President Bush, Governor Perdue, Senators Isakson and Chambliss. I will not go into the lengthy details of problems encountered and the specific companies involved, but before it was over our wonderful Republicans had stuck it to the taxpayers over $162 million dollars in grants and loan guarantees. No ethanol was produced and the companies involved went bankrupt.

    As incompetent as our Board of Commissioners are, they have admitted @ public meetings that no profit can be made running a landfill, and it is totally insane to even consider allowing other counties make Jasper county their garbage dump. Common sense would suggest that if a landfill has so many great attributes, counties would keep such an asset to themselves and benefit from all the profit.

    If this BOC, county attorney, and county manager are allowed to put this garbage scheme in place, current taxpayers, as well as taxpayers living in the county after we are gone, will be paying dearly. Living in the garbage capital of Georgia will certainly attract the mass immigration of quality taxpayers the BOC dreams about. Take pictures of beautiful Jasper County now. Then, when future generations see them, they will say “Who allowed our once beautiful county to be transformed into the ‘Garbage Capital of Georgia’.

  3. Scrap Recovery says:

    if it bring’s in money why not sell it, heck ball field can be moved

  4. George Mason says:

    Hire an unscrupulous beady- eyed legal hack and for five times the pay he’s worth.

    Propagandize the need of the authority’s projects-whatever they may be- by appointing the editor of the official news media as chief disinformation officer and directing team sycophant members to incessantly repeat to any dim-bulbed dupe who will listen “ The County needs fill in the blank to grow “

    Sell a sack-load of bonds, guaranteed by the full faith and credit pf the taxpayers.

    Forgo the dull effort of formulating a long-term business plan. Instead, in the shortest amount of time possible, distribute all available public monies to usual list of cronies (e.g.…banksters, legal hacks, ditch designers and various associated vendors) until the authority is sufficiently insolvent enough to declare bankruptcy.

    Take the newly created and unserviceable Authority debt before the BOC and threaten ruin and legal retribution if the county taxpayers do not bail out the Authorities newly acquired debt bad debt,

    Wash, rinse, repeat

    Sound familiar?

  5. Drsaid says:

    Sounds like another way to take the responsibilities away from our County Manager. Create a Landfill Authority, then the County Manager will have one less responsibility.

    • taxdogs says:

      The County Manager has led the BOC down the road for a year, obviously lying about all her accomplishments. Now its time to throw the problems on the citizens that will be appointed to the authority. That’s how it always works. After the BOC (and our county manager who knows everything) gets stuck, make the citizens step in to take the heat off them and point their fingers at someone else.

  6. Sam says:

    Since its inception the landfill has never made a profit and never will make a profit. The auditors advised that a plan must be put in place to address the operational losses. The BOC in their infinite wisdom decides that another layer of bureaucracy is the remedy to the problem.

    It’s unlikely that anyone would want to lease the landfill as there is no profit in it. It is also not reasonable to think that the landfill would produce energy or ethanol. It will product gas, that is a given, but capturing that gas is a whole different matter.

    In my opinion, expanding the landfill is a bad idea. We already know that closing the landfill will cost approx. $160,000 a year for 30 years. An expanded landfill will incur even higher costs to close. Eventually the landfill will need to be closed. With EPD regulations getting more stringent all the time, this may even happen in my lifetime.

    Just how much will a solid waste authority cost the taxpayers? What is the authority’s job and responsibility?

    This maybe Sunshine week, but the sun did not shine last night at the meeting.

  7. Kayla says:

    The only thing the county manager seems to be good at is making charts and making excuses.

    • Peggy says:

      And just think, we pay her $85,000/yr. I recall seeing a picture of the county manager’s desk with paper work piled high. Always remember – A cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind or a weak arm….

  8. cheryl nowetner says:

    we fought this idea when Sam Goolsby was on the board so it looks like we need to get people mad at the idea and the boc again and start having meetings and get the word out,

  9. David says:

    Another crony authority that will do nothing but ask for money and waste time. The water authority is a perfect example. We didn’t want a water authority and we sure as **** don’t want a regional landfill. These commissioners have to be the worst ever!

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