April 1, 2015

Questioning ManSince we have commissioners talking and emailing citizens and telling them that there will be no regional landfill, or telling them that this isn’t about solid waste–only C&D products, here is a copy of the “cleaned up” resolution we received from the County Attorney. 

This is the resolution Chairman Gene Trammell said he hadn’t seen.  He and the rest of the Commissioners might want to read it since they approved it 3/16/15–not in a properly noticed meeting as the resolution says, but behind closed doors in executive session.



RESOLUTION 2015-_____
Jasper County Board of Commissioners
Creation of Solid Waste Authority of Jasper County
Adopted the ____ day of March, 2015

WHEREAS, it has been determined by the Board of Commissioners of Jasper County, Georgia that the creation of the Solid Waste Authority of Jasper County will be in the best interests of the County; and

WHEREAS, the Jasper County Board of Commissioners has been granted power to create such an Authority under OCGA Section 12-8-53 by duly adopted Resolution;

NOW THEREFORE, be it resolved and it is hereby resolved that the Jasper County Board of Commissioners does hereby exercise its powers and creates the Solid Waste Management Authority of Jasper County, Georgia which shall have all the powers enumerated in OCGA Section 12-8-56, or any future amendments thereto; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT THE Board of Commissioners of Jasper County, GA, shall within thirty days of adoption of this Resolution appoint seven (7) members as the Board of Directors of the Authority, all of whom must be residents of Jasper county, GA and at least three of whom shall be members of the Board of Commissioners of Jasper County, GA for such terms as may be set out in such appointments; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that such authority is directed to explore methods by which the present Construction and Demolition Landfill operated by Jasper County may be operated at less or no cost to the citizens and taxpayers of Jasper County including, but not limited to, the acceptance of regulated amounts of qualified Construction and Demolition Waste from a broader geographic area than is presently permitted; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Authority shall periodically report its findings to the Jasper County Board of Commissioners along with the recommendations of the Authority for such actions as the Board of Commissioners might take to further the work of the Authority so as to better provide solid waste management to the residents and businesses located in Jasper County.

_______________________                       _____________________
Gene Trammell, Chairman                                   Bruce Henry, Commissioner

________________________                      _______________________
Carl Pennamon, Commissioner                                     Craig Salmon, Commissioner

Doug Luke, Commissioner

The undersigned, Sharon Robinson, is the duly appointed County Clerk of Jasper County, Georgia, who hereby certifies that the within and foregoing is a true and correct copy of the Resolution creating the Solid Waste Authority of Jasper County, Georgia adopted in a properly noticed and held meeting of the Board of Commissioners of said county,

Sharon Robinson, Clerk, Jasper County, GA

 When you attend the meeting Thursday evening, April 2nd at 7:00PM, remember the BOC has set up an authority that can take in REGIONAL waste (and will do so to bring in more money) and is NOT LIMITED TO just C&D (bricks, shingles, lumber) waste.  It doesn’t matter what the BOC thinks or says; what matters is what the resolution says.  An authority is separate from the BOC, and the BOC can NOT control an authority’s members or what they do (think Jasper County Water & Sewer). 

Do not sit back and say “it doesn’t matter”, or “I can’t make a difference.”  When we all stand together, we WILL make a difference!  Make plans to attend the meeting!

Location of the meeting –for GPS users:  2887 Smithboro Rd., Monticello, GA –the fire station is on the right side of the road when you turn off Hwy 212 E. 



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7 Responses to SOLID WASTE AUTHORITY RESOLUTION–What does it really say?

  1. Claire says:

    Is there a good reason why you can’t view prior meeting minutes with actions? I have searched on the county’s website but the last one with voted results or comments was from February 19th. I want to know if there is another place on website to view this information or can you get a copy from the Board of Commissioners. Surrounding counties BOC websites are ALL UP TO DATE with meetings, minutes, agendas, and agenda summaries, etc. Maybe if these were updated, our Chairman will begin to remember.

    • taxdogs says:

      Only 2 reasons come to mind–lazy staff and/or the BOC doesn’t want you to know what goes on. This board of commissioners likes to do everything in secret.

      • FYI says:

        Essential Job Functions Serves as Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners, including preparing agendas for Board meetings, gathering information for meeting agenda packets, and notifying Commissioners, appropriate County staff, news media, and other interested parties of dates and times of Board meetings; attends Board meetings, hearings, workshops, etc., and composes a full and accurate account of all actions taken, which account is the only legal evidence of actions taken by the governing body. May also prepare full and accurate minutes for other County boards and committees as required. Indexes and prepares minutes as historical account for public inspection; prepares follow-up correspondence to notify departments and/or individuals of actions required by Board; informs news media and/or general public of Board actions in response to inquiries or as otherwise deemed appropriate. The Clerk to the Board is officially responsible for the County seal and the retention of official records including minutes, ordinance books, records of County-appointed boards and committees, resolutions, contracts, agreements, and leases, etc., in accordance with the Georgia General Statutes; prepares official copies of documents including ordinances, resolutions and meeting minutes as adopted by the Board; certifies legal documents on behalf of the County. The Clerk is responsible for legal advertisements and must be familiar with the General Statutes that deal with advertisements in order to assure the validity of actions taken by the Board of Commissioners. The Clerk must keep up to date information on all County Board and Commission appointments, bringing to the Board’s attention the appointments that need to be made. If advertisements or interviews are required, the Clerk is responsible for these arrangements as well as the preparation of letters of appointment, reappointment and appreciation. The Clerk to the Board is a sworn official taking an oath of office, and may administer the oaths of office that are required of other elected and appointed county officials. The Clerk answers inquiries, providing information based on considerable knowledge of County programs and activities; ensures public access to County records as required by state public records laws and receives and follows up on complaints pertaining to County services. The Clerk must be able to answer questions intelligently, and/or direct the public to information about the functions of all other levels of government–municipal, state and federal. Schedules and coordinates meetings for Commissioners and other officials as necessary, ensuring availability of rooms, equipment, materials, refreshments, etc., as requested or otherwise deemed necessary. Handles scheduling and travel arrangements including hotel, airline and car rental reservations. Utilizes various computer software programs including word processing, spread sheet, and file maintenance programs to enter, store, and/or retrieve and format information as requested or otherwise necessary. Composes a variety of detailed reports, resolutions, proclamations, ordinances, contracts, legal notices, etc., in addition to the minutes, assuming responsibility for content and format; summarizes data in preparation of standardized reports. Performs research for County Commission and staff projects and prepares oral and/or written reports as requested. Performs other related work as required by the Board of Commissioners.

        Overpaid, lazy staff

      • LL says:

        Nobody to blame but the county manager. If the county manager would spend her time reprimanding those who do not do their job rather than harassing and terminating employees who come to work and do their job.

  2. George Mason says:

    If this resolution creating a Solid Waste Authority was indeed illegally discussed and voted on in Executive Session, then the recorded minutes should be made public ASAP and the Attorney General be promptly informed of the gross violation of public trust this board of Commissioners was led into by their appointed attorney, who should – by now-be very familiar with the law concerning the rules upon which a board may enter into executive session..
    Does Jasper County have a board of Commissioners representing the will of the people or do we have a board of rogues representing the special interests of a rent-seeking cartel of bankers, lawyers and engineers? That is the question.

    Under Georgia Open Meetings Act, a governing body may hold a closed session when it is dealing with one of nine subject-area exemptions found in Ga. Code § 50-14-3. The nine exemptions are:
    • staff meetings held for investigative purposes under duties or responsibilities imposed by law;
    • deliberations and voting of the State Board of Pardons and Paroles;
    • meetings of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation or any other law enforcement agency in the state, including grand jury meetings;
    • meetings when any agency is discussing the future acquisition of real estate;
    • meetings of the governing authority of a public hospital or any committee thereof when discussing the granting, restriction, or revocation of staff privileges or the granting of abortions under state or federal law;
    • meetings when discussing or deliberating upon the appointment, employment, compensation, hiring, disciplinary action or dismissal, or periodic evaluation or rating of a public officer or employee;
    • adoptions and proceedings related thereto;
    • meetings of the board of trustees or the investment committee of any public retirement system when such board or committee is discussing matters pertaining to investment securities trading or investment portfolio positions and composition; and
    • meetings when discussing any records that are exempt from public inspection or disclosure pursuant to paragraph (15) of subsection (a) of Code Section 50-18-72, when discussing any information a record of which would be exempt from public inspection or disclosure under said paragraph, or when reviewing or discussing any security plan under consideration pursuant to paragraph (10) of subsection (a) of Code Section 15-16-10.
    If a governing body is dealing with one of these exemptions, then it must also vote to close the meeting by a majority of members present and record the reason for the closure in the minutes. A governing body must keep separate minutes for closed sessions. These minutes are not made available to the public, except those portions reflecting the vote and purpose for closure. The chairperson or presiding official must also execute and file with the official minutes of the meeting a notarized affidavit stating under oath that the subject matter of the meeting or closed session was devoted to matters within the exceptions provided by law and identifying the specific relevant exception. Ga. Code § 50-14-4.
    Elected officials are free to speak about what goes on in executive sessions

    • taxdogs says:

      If everything was so great, wonderful, and “in the county’s best interest”, why would it be so secret? They should be wanting everyone to know about if it is really All That!

  3. Larry Nalls says:

    What can I take to the landfill? 

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