April 7, 2015

The landfill brew is being stirred

The landfill brew is being stirred

 What does the landfill brew contain? It seems to have a mixture of lies, deceit, friends as employees, employees that also serve as consultants, confusion, anxiety, and many other unknowns. But one person has kept this pot stirred for months, and that is Karen Degges, the Jasper County Manager.

Citizens met in the small courtroom Monday night April 6th, to hear what the BOC members had to say about the issues raised in a Q&A session that lasted from 6PM-8PM.  However, what they got was mostly double talk, circular talk, a slide presentation that no one could see, figures without details, and a county manager that answered most all questions and did most of the talking. Every citizen that asked a question was interrupted at least once, and usually several times, by the county manager.

The video below is just an example of one question asked—Where was the 150 acres for the landfill expansion going to be that the County Manager had referred to in a BOC meeting last month?

 From :28 to :32 on the video, Ms. Degges answers the question this way, “I threw out a number the other night without knowing what the number was.”

And, folks, that is the problem! Lots of numbers that are “thrown out” are just that—figures that make it all look good, look like the County Manager and BOC want it to look, and not necessarily FACT! It only comes to light that things were misrepresented when questions are asked!

Also during this video watch the BOC from 1:00 to 1:18 as a question is asked and they all turn to look to Karen Degges as she answers. Is it true that the commissioners really don’t know what is going on and are just lead around by the County Manager with figures that are just “thrown out” here and there? They did seem to be clueless, except they all were adamant that there would be no solid waste (garbage) brought into Jasper County, and they were not going to buy more land or go into debt.

Citizens must challenge the validity of what is said in every BOC meeting because when questions are asked the answers keep changing—especially when they get caught. Here are a few examples of that:

  • “Every landfill in the State is for sale.” Comm. Trammell in the Monticello News, yet he hasn’t produced any information to prove that statement is true.
  • “The landfill is almost full.” Comm. Trammell at the 4/2/15 citizens meeting. Then at the 4/6/15 BOC meeting he said he misspoke after the County Manager said there was 40 years left at the landfill.
  • “We have moved 1500 truckloads of fiber already and have 1500 more to go.” Comm. Trammell at the 4/2/15 meeting.
  • “We have moved 3500 truckloads of fiber and have a lot more to go.” Karen Degges at the 4/6/15 meeting.
  • “There is a contractor out of Buckhead who would like to come in and use it [our landfill] for his waste.” Comm. Trammell in the Monticello News, and at the 4/2/15 meeting he said this contractor was out of Buckhead in Atlanta. At the 4/6/15 meeting Comm. Trammell said he couldn’t name this contractor because of confidentiality. Karen Degges said she had never heard of a contractor out of Buckhead and wanted to know who kept bringing that up, obviously not knowing it was the Chairman.


There is a proposed deal and according to the county attorney and the BOC this deal can only go through if there is a Solid Waste Authority. The county attorney also gave a lot of conflicting information, and was caught by the citizens that had copies of the state law.

Because so many citizens attended both the 4/2/15 and 4/6/15 meetings, asked so many questions, and were against the formation of a SWA, the BOC voted to delay the appointments to the Authority for 60 days.

The next blog will detail “the deal”—that hasn’t been made/approved yet, according to Comm. Trammell—and the conflicts involved in it; or at least what we know about it as all this has been done in secret and behind closed doors.

There is much more to this Solid Waste Authority and the proposed deal than meets the eye. It doesn’t matter what the commissioners tell us, the narrative just doesn’t seem to match the facts.

Citizens must stay diligent and continue to ask questions and push for a citizens committee rather than a Solid Waste Authority.

Stay tuned for more information—with documents and video to back it up!


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Citizens, be informed and stay informed! Only by being informed can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County. That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.



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  1. Tim says:

    Nice work on keeping the citizens informed. Hopefully, they’ll care enough to keep the pressure on.

    The Solid Waste Authority. I am guessing its purpose is:

    1. To make it easier for interested parties to access decision makers and ultimately make deals.

    2. To shield activities from the public as much as possible

    3. To borrow money and make county residents co-signers on the loan.

    Am I going in the right direction here? Are there other reasons for a Solid Waste Authority?

  2. Jerry says:

    We should all be terrified. Henry can’t say anything unless he asks Trammell first. Luke shoots off like a loose cannon. Trammell is the deal maker and wants everything secret. Salmon won’t vote until Luke does. Pennamon is the historian. The county manager talks incessantly and feeds the commissioners crap. The county attorney abhors the light and should be called the BOC attorney. He is not there to represent the county. We should be terrified.

  3. Shirley Othmar says:

    I’m sure if the county manager had alerted her clueless students to the possibility of a pop quiz on the subject of selling the county landfill before Monday’ night’s class, then they might have studied the subject beforehand and not all received an F in the subject.

    Let this be a lesson to the BoC.

    Maybe next time they won’t try to bluff their way through an issue they clearly know very little about.

  4. Merlin says:

    It seems highly unlikely that this Board of Conspirators, who can’t even manage to organize their magically shape-shifting facts into one convincing argument for dire need of a landfill authority, will suddenly after 60 days be so enlightened by a witches brew of new and improved magic numbers that decisions on appointments to a Solid Waste Authority and subsequent sale of the county landfill to that esoteric waste management company which no one dare utter it’s name will rival the supernatural wisdom of Merlin the Magician..

  5. gary says:

    Sounds like more miss direction by Degges.
    So where is the audit of the county finances?
    What are they covering up?
    Guess jasper county wants to become the garbage capital of georgia. Hey we could have a trash dash trash parade & sell shirts.
    Is this really what jasper county wants for its epithet?

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