April 29, 2015

Meeting Notice

It comes as no surprise to anyone, that keeps up with what the current BOC does, to find them lying about their intentions.

On April 6, 2015, the BOC made a motion and voted to approve extending the time to appoint members to the Solid Waste Authority for 60 days. They also approved running an ad in the paper for 2 weeks for members to serve on the authority.

Guess what is on the May 4, 2015 BOC agenda? Yep! First item under new business:
Jasper County Solid Waste Authority – Board Appointments

Maybe these men think no cares, everyone has forgotten about it, or that they can and will do whatever they please despite what the citizens want. Whatever the reason, we find it shocking that all these men who profess how open they are and have no secrets continue to lie to the public about what they are doing and when they plan to do it.

PLEASE MAKE PLANS TO ATTEND THE BOC MEETING MAY 4th AT 6:00PM. The SWA was set up without any notice to the public and is a blatant violation of open meetings law. It should not go into effect and there should be no appointments made to it.

County Manager Karen Degges will also being giving another Landfill Update.

Other items on the agenda include equipment purchases and lighting improvements at the Recreation Department. No bids were obtained on these items the last time they were on the agenda, and no bids have been advertised in the paper. However, as TWG has repeatedly brought out, County Manager Karen Degges does her best to get around any bidding process in any department.

Another large item for Recreation on the agenda-Architecture Services, Gym Design, Request to Prepare RFP –is also on the agenda. There is money in SPLOST ($300,000) for a multi-purpose building; however, information solicited by the N.E. Georgia Regional Commission projected $6,000,000 for a new gym. Where is Jasper County going to get this money? Oh, we know—borrow it like everything else that is being purchased. We can’t remember a previous Board of Jasper County Commissioners ever putting the county in as much debt as this one.

It is always in your best interest to attend the BOC meetings. Your taxes will soon be going up with the large increases in your property values, and Comm. Trammell, Comm. Luke, and Karen Degges in particular talk about spending money and borrowing money at almost every meeting.

Lie doesnt become truth majority TWG



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  1. LR Short says:

    Referencing your very relevant quote, a government of men does not become less corrupt because a majority of low information voters gave their consent. I, for one never cast a vote for any on the five fiascoes pretending to represent my government and I certainly have never give my consent for any of their dirty back room deals involving the redistribution of taxpayer money to their crony handlers.

    And, apparently, these feckless five no longer care what the majority of Jasper County voters think. They are going to shove this Landfill deal down the throats of the taxpayers of Jasper County whether we like it or not, which by the way, has been their modus operandi since taking office.

    We do not have leadership in county government. What we have is a hive of obsequious group-thinkers willing to do the bidding of those they perceive as in control of the political power at state and local levels.

    In short, what we have is a government of self-serving sycophants who by force of will , sans any input from the citizenry of Jasper County, will eventually lead this county into the very depths of fiscal ruin, which is where we’re headed now, one millage point at a time.

  2. gary says:

    My comments are about the property values.
    This system we use is arbitary a millon dollor home on jackson lake sells and all of a sudden everyone’s place is worth that.
    But if a tree farm sells that low value is not considered.
    Time we went to a fair tax were property tax and payroll tax and income tax are eliminated.

    In place is an excise or use tax. Then the millonaire buying the mansion on jackson lake is paying their share. The poor senior barely making with just enough income to live on only pays on what they consume.

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