May 2, 2015


Even though they voted to extend the time to make the board appointments for 60 days on April 6th, the BOC plans to appoint members to the SWA on May 4th (less than 30 days from the vote). The video below shows the discussion, the motion, and the vote.

While Luke made his motion, Trammell interrupted. Trammell wants to make sure only his ideas and his way is voted on. He controls when the motion is made, what the motion is, etc. The county attorney is also mumbling something, but what he says is not part of the motion. He and Karen Degges are not commissioners even though they act like #6 and #7 of the BOC.

It was brought up that representation from Shady Dale, BOC, and the City of Monticello could be the 3 elected officials; however, Comm. Trammell wants 3 commissioners to “make sure they didn’t get too far out in left field,” Doesn’t that tell us that they are going to control what happens, one way or another?

After contacting a commissioner and asking why they are going back on their word and appointing now, he informed me that the motion was to appoint WITHIN 60 days. Do you hear the word “within” in the motion? No! This sounds like another way to get around things thought up by the threesome—the county attorney, the County Manager, and Chairman Trammell.

How many times have we heard from this BOC that they “have no secrets?” That is until they want to do something the citizens are against, then everything is a secret—when appointments are made, when resolutions are drawn up and voted on, etc.

Here are some other interesting facts:

  1. Trammell says the landfill will cost $500,000 to close. Karen Degges says it will cost $350,000—this amount was already put in the budget and we got a 2 mil increase in taxes last year to pay for it. According to the financial figures, only $1800 of this has been spent through 2/28/15.
  2. The EPD consent order voted on in January and approved in April 2015 by EPD, gives the county FIVE YEARS to mitigate the “fiber problem.” $500,000 over 5 years is $100,000 per year. The amount of profit the county makes on curbside pickup; so this amount could easily be funded without a tax increase or by bringing in regional waste.
  3. Matthew Roper—employee, certified landfill operator, and “consultant”—has been missing from work since the March 16th Why? Will he be allowed to be the consultant or haul waste to the landfill after presenting the plan?

As sent to TWG in a post: Amazing stupidity exhibited in only having someone who would profit from running the dump provide a plan. Precisely! Have the commissioners even thought about bids or other plans? What do the current landfill engineers (not Matthew Roper/Roper Environmental Services) say about all this? Where is their report? Oh, the BOC says this is why they are setting up the Authority—to answer these questions. That is not what an authority is for. An authority is a mini-government, not a research board or fact finding committee. The BOC seems to be too lazy to get their own answers and do their own research. If Karen Degges doesn’t provide them their talking points, they seem to be lost.

Are there any bets that Karen Degges, County Manager, not the Commissioners and not the landfill engineers, thought up this “30 year deal” to lease the landfill out?

Here is a copy of the information for the commissioners to review before the meeting.

SWA Appoint Volunteers
These are the seven (7) people that have volunteered to serve. No one from District 2 or District 5 is listed.

We can’t wait to see if knowledgeable citizens are appointed and if the BOC is just crazy enough to appoint Karen Degges as one of the citizens, because she surely isn’t an elected official. Karen Degges lists in the information above that “The County Manager (by position) can serve in one board seat, at the discretion of the BOC.”   THERE IS NO WHERE IN THE LAW THAT SAYS THIS—read the Georgia Code/Law yourself: § 12-8-54 – Board of directors

This BOC has decided it will do whatever it pleases despite protests from the public. The meetings may be boring, but SWA Board appointments are first on the agenda, and you should be there.   Plan to be at the meeting May 4th at 6:00PM.



Citizens, be informed and stay informed! Only by being informed can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County. That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.


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  1. Mind Games says:

    Commissioner Trammell said that it would suit him perfectly to close the landfill. Most citizens would prefer to close the landfill rather than having material brought in from outside the county.

    Why can’t the BOC rescind the Solid Waste Authority? Why are they in such a hurry to appoint members? I believe that the BOC have reached the point of no return. It is a fait accompli.

    They already have a partner lined up that is itching to start filling up the landfill and is just waiting to have the contract signed. Appointing members will merely help the appearance of some legitimacy.

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