May 5, 2015

Last night, in a dramatic turn of events, the BOC led by Doug Luke, voted to rescind the Solid Waste Authority Resolution which would have allowed regional waste to be brought into the Jasper County landfill by unknown partners. This happened after much pressure from the citizens of Jasper County who let it be known they did not like the secrecy, the illegal way the resolution was prepared and voted on, and the contents of the resolution.

Here are videos from GaJasper channel on YouTube from the BOC meeting:

Part 1— D5 Commissioner Luke addresses the fact that the public perception is more important than the “truth.” (He continues to avoid the fact that the BOC never told the citizens the truth.) He asks right off, which commissioners would be willing to serve—you might be surprised that three (the 3 up for election in 2016) want no part of it! Only D2 Comm. Henry and D4 Comm. Salmon were willing to serve. Watch the vote and the discussion to rescind the resolution:

Part 2A list is read out of the citizens appointed to the “Citizens Fact Finding Committee” to find the best option for our landfill. D5 Comm. Luke again says, “Public perception and reality are two different things,” indicating that the public doesn’t understand the reality of the situation. Yes, Comm. Luke we all understand it and what the BOC tried to do secretly.

Part 3—The BOC addresses “Mike”, who is Mike McClanahan a member of the committee. They seem to “appoint” him Chair of the committee, even though the committee will vote on their own chairperson. D3 Comm. Trammell again throws out another ever changing figure. This time he says the committee should save the county $350,000 even though the YTD financials show the landfill is costing about $130,000 a year (without considering the cost of moving the fiber). D3 Comm. Trammell tells people what he thinks the committee should do. Watch the discussion and vote.

Part 4The BOC sets the first meeting for the SWC to be at 5:15PM on THIS Thursday (5/7/15), with only a 2 day notice. They don’t even know if everyone can attend, since 3 of the 7 people weren’t at the meeting. D3 Comm. Trammell decided he would write up a mission statement for the SWC. (We have asked for a copy of it and will share it with you when we get it.)

The county attorney reminded everyone that the Solid Waste Committee (SWC) must follow open meetings laws—meaning agendas must be posted and anyone can attend.

Citizens, we must stay diligent and ensure that this SWC is not influenced by the BOC, the County Manager, or the county attorney, and they are allowed to get information and decide the best course for Jasper County independently! Plan to attend one of the SWC meetings when you can. We will let you know when they are scheduled as soon as we know.

 “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclination, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” —John Adams

Comment to TWG—An excellent comment was sent to our blog when we announced last night that the Solid Waste Authority Resolution had been rescinded. It states, “The membership of the [Joe] Johnston and [Floyd] Moore Regional Landfill opposition committee had more understanding of the problems and knowledge they were willing to share to solve landfill troubles, yet the BoC chose to skulk around behind closed doors making deals with out-of- county consultants and “partners,” that have yet to be revealed, and never consulted with anyone locally.” Read the entire comment here:


Again, thank you citizens for attending the citizens’ meeting, the BOC meeting, and for calling and emailing your commissioners!   Without your involvement, this Authority would not have been rescinded and a citizens committee would not have been consulted.



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Citizens, be informed and stay informed! Only by being informed can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County. That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.



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  1. Fox Guarding the Hen House says:

    Apparently Mr. Luke thinks the public not capable of perceiving reality.

    The reality is Mr. Henry, Mr. Trammell, Mr. Salmon, Mr. Luke and Mr. Pennamon have no perception of the will of the people of Jasper County, nor do they feel any dutiful obligation to serve those wishes . They kowtow to special interests and if those interests want a regional dump, then that’s what this incorrigible BoC will deliver.

    The landfill committee is newly formed and already Mr. Trammell and his bobble-head cohorts are already working to guide and influence this committee, even though themselves being blatantly ignorant of Robert’s Rules of Order cannot even conduct a simple public meeting without County Attorney James Alexander leading them, like errant schoolboys step by step though the procedure, as if they are incapable of learning the parliamentary procedure on their own.

    The newly formed landfill committee looking to this board of commissioners for leadership would be comical, publicly perceived or not, if it were not the reality.

    “They need to know what we want them to do” Gene Trammell

    It seems that Mr. Trammell and fellow board members have already mapped out the process and picked the committee members before the motion to rescind the Regional Landfill Resolution was even passed, which means that the issue has already been discussed outside of the public arena, which is itself a blatant violation of Georgia Sunshine Laws, but of course there was no quorum, just e-mails and telephones discussion, right?

    In the past, it had been an adopted County policy that no one, not present at a public meeting could be appointed to any authority or committee. Has this policy been rescinded as well? How dedicated to committee service can one be who hasn’t the time to make a board hearing on a committee appointment they asked for?

    The Jasper County BoC under the guidance of their County Attorney gets caught with their pants down;tangled in illegal knot with unknown waste disposal interests and when exposed, are forced to walk back their dirty deal , yet now present themselves as the peer group with the moral authority to pen a mission statement for newly appointed Landfill Committee? And , the audience , with mighty effort , are able to restrain themselves from bursting into wild fits of hysterical laughter.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

    No Mr. Luke, public perception is reality. The citizens of Jasper County aren’t as ignorant as you would like them to be , which is too bad for your ilk and their dirty back -room deals.

  2. Joe says:

    Secrecy breeds distrust. It is not a perception. It is a fact.

  3. gary reif says:

    Seems like this (stuff) all started when degges came on board. Is it possible she is the problem and not the solution. To bad we the tax payers cant vote for degges. Gooly gee sgt carter.

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