May 8, 2015

C&D DumperAfter giving the Solid Waste Committee (SWC) their “charge”, Comm. Trammell told them they would meet in the other room and the county attorney would talk to them about open meetings!  Really? It was hard to keep from bursting out laughing!

The county attorney couldn’t seem to remember how open meetings laws were written when he allowed the BOC to go into Executive Session to discuss/draw up/and/or read a Solid Waste Authority Resolution and then come out and vote on it when it wasn’t on the agenda or even something allowed to be done in Executive Session. Nevertheless, the county attorney gave the committee “directions” about open meetings and then told them the following about what had been happening:

County Attorney talks with the Solid Waste Committee (SWC)

County attorney, Jim Alexander, started off talking about the “rumors” they (the SWC) might have heard. But as you listen to the video you will see, there were no rumors by the public, only lies by the Commissioners. Here are some things that the county attorney said:

  1. No deal has been made with anyone, but discussions have been undertaken.
  2. $25,000 to $100,000 per year could be paid by outside landfill operators “of significant sizes” to the county to haul in their waste to our landfill.
  3. The county was approached through the “landfill consultant”, meaning landfill employee Matthew Roper, who has now left the county’s employ. 
  4. Admitted the BOC looked to purchase additional land to expand the landfill to its fullest capacity. (How many times did the commissioners at both the citizens meeting and the BOC meeting say they were NOT expanding the landfill? SEVERAL!)
  5. Right now the landfill brings in 2500 tons per year vs. 200 tons per day that would be brought in to make money. According to the committee chair you hear speaking, by bringing in that much waste a 40 year landfill life decreases to a 1-1/2 year life.  

The BOC has vehemently denied any expansion of the landfill when citizens asked them questions at two separate meetings. They also said it wouldn’t hurt “our” roads because these trucks would be driving on “State” roads. The county attorney said the truck traffic would be the biggest downside, but that is only his opinion of the “biggest” downside.

The BOC was urged to sign a 30 year contract or longer by Roper Environmental Services. If 200 tons a day would fill up in 1-1/2 years, just how much land was the BOC considering to buy to make the landfill last 30 years? It sounds like that would be a HUGE landfill.

The next blog will have Chairman Gene Trammell telling the BOC what their duties are and a view of the committee members. It will also tell you about how they discussed a $16,000,000 (yes, million) deal with Lamar County for “waste to energy.”  

Citizens, we must NOT stop overseeing this process. We need to make sure what is done is best for Jasper County. We have to watch to make sure the committee can work independently, away from the influence and oversight of Gene Trammell, Karen Degges and the rest of the BOC. Please try to attend any of the SWC meetings you can.



Please forward to everyone you think should know this information.

Citizens, be informed and stay informed! Only by being informed can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County. That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.



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  1. Your Pants are on fire says:

    During the 4/6/15 meeting, the question was asked about expanding the landfill. Every commissioner was quick to say they had no interest in expanding the landfill or starting another landfill at a different location.

    The commissioners had a perfect opportunity to come clean during that question by saying that they had looked at possibly purchasing some property for another landfill, but decided against it. Instead they made us believe no such thought ever crossed their minds.

    This BOC could make Pinocchio blush.

  2. Fed Up With Secret Deals says:

    Jasper County government has a credibility problem. One which began with the precedent set by Development Authority of Jasper County and Four County Development Authority wherein the business of the people of Jasper County transmogrified from a public service to private affair conducted by a cartel of scheming bankers, lawyers, real estate developers and a public mouthpiece posing as business consultants, all for your greater good of course.

    In back room deals, with no accountability and no oversight, The Development Authority of Jasper County and Four County Development have used the credit rating and good name of the people to guarantee long term capital risk with no public outcry or alarm.

    The BoC noticing that those operating under the guise of economic development have gotten away with this clandestine methodology of extracting wealth from the taxpayers of Jasper County for so long , without hardly a whimper from debt bearing public, that the board has now decided they can act with the same impunity and make any private deal , at any time , for any amount of public debt they choose, and the taxpayers have no right or authority to be a part of this once public process.

    Most certainly , the power hungry Board of Commissioners, want to act with the same reckless authority as their fellow cronies on the two county economic development boards and be allowed to conduct their business away from the prying eyes of those they seek to saddle with a lifetime of never-to-be satisfied debt servitude.

    I would like to hear Gene Trammell stand before the people of Jasper County and explain why we the people, who are the employers of this Jasper County government cannot be privy to any workings or process of County government with we are to be later saddled with the debt or fiscal failure thereof?

    Mr. Trammell should be made to understand, that there is no county business that is not the business of Jasper county citizens.
    The lies and secrecy need to stop. Gene Trammell and his board of conspirators should come clean with all the deals currently on the table concerning the county landfill, which in case Mr. Trammell wasn’t aware, is still the property of the people of Jasper County.

    The people of Jasper County need to stand up and take back our county from the frauds, habitual liars and outside self-serving influences that now dominate our county government…..or we will bear the brutal cost of our citizen apathy in the very near future.

    Trust must be earned and the BoC have shown their governance to be unworthy of trust. And, these are the people we won’t committing our county to long term debt in secret meeting?

    The business of this county is our business and we shall have open government or not. We decide. Those are our two choices, and last time I checked, we still get to choose.

    Choose wisely.It’s only your future at stake.

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