May 9, 2015


At approximately 11:50AM today, 4 Sheriff’s cars and 1 ambulance arrived at another accident at the intersection of Hwy 212 W and Bethel Church Rd. Shortly thereafter another Sheriff’s car and another ambulance arrived. The Georgia State Patrol and a third ambulance showed up at the scene as well.

We do not know if there were any injuries or fatalities; however, we do know 2 vehicles crashed because, according to our sources, the car traveling on Bethel Church Rd. did NOT stop and was hit by a car traveling west on Hwy 212.

Cross Traffic 5.1.15


There have been many suggestions made as to what can be done at that intersection, and the only thing done is this one little sign.


Here are some problems at that intersection.

  1. There is no line at the intersection where people should stop.
  2. There are no warning rumble strips or lines in the road (such as at a school crossing).
  3. The stop signs are small. Many counties have signs 4 times as big as the stop sign at this intersection.
  4. There are no signs saying “Dangerous Intersection.”

Commissioners, since you don’t like any of the suggestions presented to you in previous posts or at your meeting in citizens’ comments, just what are your solutions?

GDOT says there isn’t enough traffic at that intersection to warrant a flashing light or anything else. Ask anyone that lives in the area and ask them about the traffic, especially during the hour before school and after school.

We are urging Rep. Susan Holmes and Sheriff Donnie Pope to push for something to be done at the State level to ensure the safety of Jasper County citizens and all people traveling through this intersection.

When people are involved in a wreck, it is not just about if someone is killed. It is about financial losses and the emotional impact of the wreck. It could be about physical disabilities that are caused by the wreck or a lifetime of medical problems.   All this is unnecessary if something—anything—was done to make this intersection safer.

This is the 4th wreck at this intersection in 2015, and 8 wrecks since the fatality on 10/10/14. There have been 17 wrecks at this intersection since the current BOC has been in office (1/1/13).

Please post this to your Facebook page to spread the word of this dangerous intersection!




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