New Georgia Transportation Tax Goes into Effect in July 1st

Augusta Chronicle, May 12, 2015

May 13, 2015

War zone 1214

Monticello’s 2 year nightmare


Starting July 1, the average Georgia driver will pay about 6 cents more for a gallon of gas, while distributors of unleaded and diesel fuel will see tax increases of 26 and 29 cents per gallon, respectively, under the new law signed by Gov. Nathan Deal last week. (In addition the local/county government will receive less sales tax than they have previously on LOST/SPLOST/ELOST taxes on gas costing more than $3.00 a gallon.)

Also added is a $5-per-night charge on hotel stays statewide, and annual registration fees of $200 and $300 for electric personal and commercial vehicles, respectively, and up to $100 for heavy trucks.

“The whole point is to take better care of our highways,” Sims said in defense of the law. “The (Georgia Department of Transportation) does all it can, but they just do not have the funding to have people constantly cleaning the roads. It is just not possible.” (Is waste by GDOT ever addressed by anyone? Think W. Washington St., Monticello, GA)

The DOT has two primary sources of revenue: state motor fuel taxes and funds reimbursed by the federal government after Georgia taxpayers front the costs of road construction work.

State data show in fiscal year 2015, the DOT will receive $1.2 billion, or 54 percent of its funding, from the federal government, while $1 billion, or 45 percent, will come from motor fuel taxes. Agency funds, intrastate transfers and appropriations from the State General Fund combine for less than 1 percent.
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