May 25, 2015

Landfill Sign 2 Citizens have repeatedly heard various figures about what the landfill is costing, what a drain on the county this landfill is, and how the Solid Waste Committee needs to cut the costs down below $100,000 a year or less.

The link below contains the Revenue report for the Landfill and the Expenses paid by category for the Landfill through 5/7/15.


Please look at this report. You will see the following:

1.     There was NO money budgeted for revenue/income, even though the county gets some revenue every year from the landfill. This means your taxes were more because no revenue was budgeted in.

2.     The revenue received as of 5/7/15 is $44,110.

3.     The budgeted expenses for FY15 included $350,000 to move the fiber; however, only $1,895 of that amount has been spent.   Your taxes were more by over 1 mil to fund this $350,000 that has not been spent.

4.     Without the $350,000, the budget for the landfill is $198,952.

5.     The amount spent for 10 months has been $127,651, which includes $68,956 in Professional Services and $41,593 of tipping fees (charges paid to Advance Disposal for pick up).

6.      Cost for 10 months = $127,651, less revenue for 10 months = $44,110 equals $83,541 or $8,354 per month to operate the landfill. This amounts to $100,248 per year.

We have also obtained through open records a copy of the Curbside bank statement. Some things you need to know about Curbside are:

  1. You are billed for curbside on your property tax bill.
  2. The money paid in from those taxes goes into the Curbside account (there is a checking account and a money market account).
  3. The checks written for the curbside service are not written out of the Curbside account, but are written out of the General Fund. Money is taken from the Curbside account at various times and put into the General Fund as you can see by the transfer on the April bank statement.
  4. If the actual curbside cost were paid out of the curbside account, everyone would easily be able to see what the “profit” on curbside is each year—and it has been close to $100,000 per year…. Just about enough to cover the cost of the Landfill.
  5. The Curbside MMA has $914,241 in it and the Curbside checking account has $44,000 in it. You can see a copy of the MMA statement here:


So we have been overbilled on our taxes for Landfill fiber removal, which wasn’t done in FY15, in the amount of $350,000 and overbilled another $52,800 of revenue (annualized) for the landfill that wasn’t budgeted. Additionally we are overcharged $100,000 per year in curbside fees so the landfill can function.

This is not to make light of the serious fiber problem that EPD wanted something done about years ago; however, the figures being thrown around by the County Manager and the BOC as to what the landfill is costing just don’t add up to reality.

Please pass this information on to others on your email list.


Citizens, be informed and stay informed! Only by being informed can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County. That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.




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  1. What exactly are the facts says:

    Well Folks, as our County Manager always says, why hasn’t the county manager had any discussions on the Landfill in the BOC meetings for the past 8-10 months? If you search in the past BOC meetings you will see that there were no Landfill updates from the County Manger for quite sometime. This is just a few statements from Ms Degges.
    On May 5th, 2014 :Ms. Degges noted that the Landfill Project at the 9 month mark has spent $111,411 and is expected to be at $224,000. Her estimate is about $330,000 – $350,000 to complete this project.
    Now this is interesting on May 21st, 2014:Ms. Degges discussed an error that was discovered in the Landfill budget last year that shows an unbalanced budget for FY2014.
    I agree with Guarded on who knows if any of the figures are accurate. So many lies and cover ups!

  2. Drsaid says:

    Just another example of our BOC trusting the county manager. You would think, after being lied to, made fun of and deceived sooo many times, our chosen ones would wise up.
    Hopefully the SWC can recognize a “WOLF” in sheep’s clothing.

  3. Tired of Racketering Government says:

    This is what is known in criminal circles as creative accounting. What are these people creating a $350,000. 000 slush fund in anticipation of? Another wealth redistributing authority catering to the special interests corporate cronies a la’ DAJC and JCWSA?

    I think this Board of Commissions owes the taxpayers of Jasper County in-depth answers to some very direct questions, such as what did Jasper County taxpayers receive in return for the $68,956.00 spent on professional fees and who received this money? It’s all a secret right…no disclosure, not questions and no accountability, all this secrecy to protect some outside investor, right , or is it merely another smokescreen to pilfer public funds?

    This landfill secrecy crap has gone on long enough.. The first duty of this BoC is to serve those who elected them to office and last time I checked it wasn’t some out-of county corporation. Jasper County taxpayers deserve to know what the BoC,s plans are in regards to the landfill ; why the rush to appoint a Solid Waste Authority, especially after their county Manager had already spent nearly $70, 000 on professional fees and what is their motivation for creating a $350,000.00 slush fund?

    Is this why land values recently skyrocketed in Jasper County, even though the RE market is stagnant? To fund another crony inspired scam masquerading as an Authority?

    This Board of Commissioner’s definitely needs a come-to-Jesus meeting with county taxpayers and it doesn’t need to take place in propagandist controlled environment like the Visitor Center where the only questions allowed will the fluff ball questions censored by the Strategic Scammers Association.

    In order to get to the root of this festering fiscal canker on backside of Jasper County government, we the people of Jasper county need to have an old fashioned town hall meeting with our County government were the questions are freely asked, and the truth is not papered over with glib slogans and vacant grins.

    We get what we allow.

  4. gary says:

    This is the same bait and switch degges pulled in her last job.
    She was fired(ran off) from that job.
    We need honest professionals running this county do we have that now.
    This landfill issue is only one segment of rhe budget. Where is our audited financial report?
    With that we could see where the real waste and actual problems exist. Maybe that is why we havent got it yet.

  5. Guarded says:

    An audit would show what the real cost of operating the landfill is. Without an audit, who knows if any of the figures are accurate?

    We are only 5 weeks away from the start of fiscal year 2016, yet we have not seen an audit for fiscal year 2014. Why the delay?

    Jasper County Curbside and SPLOST accounts are handled like a shell game. Money comes into the dedicated accounts; the bills get paid from General Fund. At some point money gets transferred from those dedicated accounts to General Fund for “reimbursement”. Just like a shell game, if you constantly move money around nobody really knows where anything is. Is this by design to keep the BOC and the taxpayers guessing?

  6. Sabrina Smith says:

    Public officials are not used to someone who understands numbers reviewing their work. They can’t lie to you and get away with it and it’s driving them crazy. Great work!!!

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