May 30, 2015

Cell phone

After just agreeing to increase the county budget by $600,000 to $9,500,000, the BOC has it on the agenda to buy themselves Note Pads—iPad or Samsung Galaxy. And just like the cell phones we, the taxpayer’s pay for, these note pads will be used personally as well as for “county business.”

What will this cost you? See the proposal here.

According to the proposal, this will be a more efficient and up to date way of conducting county business. The staff proposal is for the HIGH bid of $6880 for the Samsung over the iPad bid of $4080—or $2800 more.

That isn’t all. Not only will there be Note Pads for all 5 commissioners, but our County Manager, Karen Degges, and our HR Officer, Sharon Robinson, and our Finance Director, Mike Benton will also be getting these Note Pads. A total of 8 Note Pads are proposed. Why, when our staff is in the office and can use their computers for all work?

Additionally, the monthly cost for these Note Pads will be $303.92 per month x 12 months = $3,647.04 per year.

I was told that this would save so much paper by not having to print agenda packets, etc. $303.92 a month will buy 10 boxes of paper with 10 reams of paper in each box. Each ream of paper is 500 sheets, so this will be 50,000 sheets of paper, which all the county offices put together probably don’t use each month.

But any excuse will be made so that files and documents, emails and other information can be passed back and forth “more efficiently” while the taxpayers pay for it. Every commissioner can get email and documents on the taxpayer provided cell phone we pay for now.

Cost to taxpayers—

Cell phone for 4 commissioners per month (averaged) $248.00

Cell phone for County Manager per month                      $100.00

Cell phone for Benton & Robinson per month                  $110.00

Data plan for Note Pads per month                                   $304.00

Monthly cost to taxpayers                                                  $762.00

Annual cost (not including cost of equipment)                $9,144.00

 This is what we pay so the BOC can be “more efficient” and stay in touch with each other and staff. How often do they stay in touch with you?

This will be voted on at Monday night’s meeting, June 1, at 6:00PM. There are many other things on that agenda, including approving the new budget. You should make plans to attend.




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  1. Dennis Hart says:

    Referring to Luck Sometimes’ entry: How about we let the animal control problem go to the
    ASPCA (local chapter) and get the incompetent BOC out of it entirely. Full disclosure: I am
    not associated with the ASPCA in any way, I just think that anyone can handle the animal
    control better than the BOC and the ASPCA seems to be the most qualified.

  2. Say No To More Tax Increase says:

    At the rate this gallygag of apparatchiks burns though tax revenue , all taxpayers should be praying they do less business, because what this board of cronies labels business is nothing more than wealth-redistribution under the pretense of managing a county government. Jasper County cannot afford much more of this type of go -for-broke-“business” management.

  3. unhappy taxpayer says:

    This is getting absurd, our County is out of control with spending.

  4. DisgruntledTaxpayer says:

    My commissioner, Mr. Luke, has not yet mastered the skill of calling me back after I personally gave him my phone number. This has happened on several occasions. His lack of attention to constituent needs tells me he is a classic politician, who pretends to be concerned to your face, and could care less when you are out of sight. He also lacks the skill to reply to e-mails. This additional expense and technology, which is supposed to move the county employees into the 21st century, is a total waste of taxpayer money. Taxpayers do not need to provide the commissioners and other county employees with the latest technology toys. They do not use their current taxpayer provided communication devices to serve the citizens.

    Any commissioner who approves of this added expense needs to be voted out of office. How screwed up can it be that our county manager can find the funds to throw away with these devices. I have unsuccessfully been trying to get road repairs done for months. When my commissioner gets his notepad, maybe he can drop by and throw it in one of the potholes to reduce the depth.

  5. Lucky Sometimes says:

    Wouldn’t it be more efficient to hire an employee for Animal Control than to purchase tech which the BOC and staff already have at their disposal, i.e. cellphones?

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