June 4, 2015

It is amazing how the story changes when citizens react to things the BOC does or plans to do. Watch part of the discussion on the notepads where BOC members say they were going to buy these themselves and reimburse the county:

Comm. Luke says it was either/or—notepads or cell phones in the discussion he remembered. When was this discussed? Comm. Henry said this had been discussed during budget hearings. It surely has never been discussed during a regular open commissioner meeting.

Folks, if these commissioners were going to buy these tablets/notepads with their own money, why was this on the agenda to start with? Why was $4000-$8000 going to be moved out of contingency? Why did Comm. Trammell say they wanted staff to look into it? Here’s the agenda item:

iPad Agenda

Why would the county buy these devices and then the money be taken out of the commissioners’ paychecks, as they discussed at the 6/4/15 meeting, instead of the commissioners that want one just purchasing or putting it on their own credit card?

Could it be like the Deer Signs Comm. Salmon wanted ordered that he would pay for? Did he ever pay for them? No one knows, and no one would ever know if it is the county or the BOC members that end up paying for the tablets.

We encourage Comm. Luke to turn in his cell phone and buy his own notepad. We encourage Comm. Salmon to do the same since he already has so many devices he can hardly carry them all. Comm. Trammell said he lived by his own personal iPad, and we know he has already turned in his cell phone many months ago. Why would he need another tablet?

At the end of this discussion, Comm. Pennamon made a motion to table this item. It was agreed upon to do so; however, Karen Degges reminded the BOC that she and Sharon Robinson should still get notepads so they could do [PowerPoint] presentations at the meetings.

Citizens, continue to call, email, or talk to your commissioner and all commissioners about the issues in this county.




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  1. Missy says:

    Was somebody caught in a lie or are we dealing with short term memory loss due to menopause?

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