June 12, 2015

Hand with money

The first public hearing on the FY16 Budget (see summary here) will be Monday, June 15, at 9:00am. The proposed budget has been advertised in the local paper.

Based on what County Manager Karen Degges told the Solid Waste Committee last night, there may be more cuts to the FY16 budget before it is approved. (See 1:18 on video below)

This was a revelation after the SWC Chair, speaking for the entire committee, told Ms. Degges that it was hard to understand how the BOC could take $200,000 out of the Curbside account to balance the FY16 budget.   The Chair added that the money wasn’t even to be used for Solid Waste.  See video of discussion:

The SWC doesn’t want the Curbside fund to be used as a slush fund instead of being used for the landfill or to build up the closure/postclosure fund that is required by EPD.

 Ms. Degges told the SWC again later that she thinks cuts can be made and think cuts will be made before the budget is finally approved. To be fair, she has given the BOC ways to cut $200,000, none of which would hurt any department; the increases proposed over last year just wouldn’t be as big. The BOC just doesn’t seem to have the courage to make the cuts.

As the SWC discussed, if the BOC was serious about the landfill issues , they wouldn’t be taking money ($200,000) out of the curbside fund to balance the budget.



Be Informed! Get Involved!


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  1. Where Are the Adults? says:

    Here’s a plan Ms. Degges. Stop spending money you don’t have. The Jasper County treasury is not a private investment bank for funding private enterprises,nor should it be used to bestow monetary gifts on a chosen few under the pretense of must-have budget items or make work for family connections of dubious value.

    Jasper County government needs to grow -up and stop allowing it’s wishes and whims to overload it’s monetary means.

  2. Jerry says:

    Uh,Oh. The committee isn’t content. Rev. Salmon might call down fire upon them.

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