June 15, 2015

Taxes up

This morning at 9:00am the first of three required public hearings on the proposed County budget took place. Commissioners Pennamon and Salmon were the only commissioners present.

Karen Degges, Sharon Robinson, Mike Benton, and several department heads attended. Comm. Pennamon read out the proposed budget by department; he then called for public comments.

Mike McClanahan of the Solid Waste Committee was first to speak:


Are County commissioners exercising their fiduciary responsibility properly by moving funds from the curbside fund to finance the 2016 proposed budget when they have no idea what it will cost to remediate the landfill?

Mary Patrick was next (and last) to speak. She reminded the BOC that there had been much discussion about cuts but that in the end nothing was cut and all the wish lists that were submitted were approved. She urged the BOC to make cuts because even with the same millage rate, the taxpayers will be taxed an additional $300,000 from the County and another $300,000 from the Schools.

Neither commissioner made any comments. The meeting was adjourned at 9:15AM.

The next meeting is tonight at 6:00PM.



Be informed!  Get involved!

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