June 23, 2015

Braley SherryThe GBI has issued a warrant for and Sherry Braley (Code Enforcement/P&Z/Animal Control) has been arrested for theft by deception, a felony. The amount of money in question is in excess of $15,000. She has bonded out of the Jasper County jail. We had heard rumors that Ms. Braley “resigned” on Friday (June 19th). It is our opinion the County Manager should not allow someone to resign instead of being fired in a situation like this.

TWG has questioned Ms. Braley’s work ethic on numerous occasions. She could rarely be found by anyone looking for her to get a permit or license, and citizens were told she didn’t come in “until 10 or 10:30” when the county office was called. She was not required by her supervisor, County Manager Karen Degges, to keep a log of her activities, and obviously not required to report to work on time. Ms. Braley also was not required to fill out leave sheets or turn in PTO (Paid Time Off) when she was out of the office for sick days or vacation (this is true of Karen Degges and Sharon Robinson as well).

 Recently Ms. Braley was allowed to go to training and the county paid almost $1000 for this training and reimbursements.   However, as reported by TWG, this training never seemed to be used. A call to the Magistrate Court on June 18, 2015 revealed that there were ZERO code enforcement cases in 2014 and only SIX code enforcement cases so far in 2015. Why? Anyone that drives around the county can see blatant violations that nothing have been done about—in some cases for years!

Burned out house on 212House on Hwy 212 W that burned in June 2013.

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  1. Mad as Hell says:

    I have learned from the Monticello News that Ms. Braley’s theft was discovered by the auditors.

    A timely audit would have discovered this long before now. It is unconscionable for our commissioners to be so lackadaisical about audits and fiscal matters in general. Why did the BOC allow the audit to be delayed so long?

    Commissioner Luke, how much gravel could the stolen monies have bought?

    Ms. Degges makes us believe that she has a firm grip on finances, yet money gets stolen right from underneath her nose. So much for her forensic accounting experience.

    I am disgusted that our commissioners let employees do as they please. There is no accountability. People show up late for work and nothing gets done. In private business, consistent tardiness is not tolerated and results in dismissal.

    If our government was run like a private business, it would be bankrupt and shut down.

  2. Junno says:

    This would explain why the audit is so late. Mr. Benton told the BOC and the public that the audit would be done in March or April at the latest. There is still not date set on when the public can see the audit.

    The commissioners don’t seem to care about the audit. When someone brings something that seems fishy to their attention they seem oblivious to it and view it not being germane.

    Indifference leads to corruption.

  3. JuneBug says:

    On May 22, 2014, Ms. Degges informed the BOC she had been a forensic auditor. If this is true, why did Ms. Degges allow this to happen. Ms. Degges repeatedly told the BOC and tax payers during financials, all departments were within budget and revenues were coming in as projected. This was either a lie or a cover up.

  4. Jerry says:

    So this is the same Sherry Braley that told the commissioners that animal control spent $7000 a month on utilities. It was obvious she had a problem with money then.

    • taxdogs says:

      That may be so, but the BOC is even more disfunctional when it comes to money. Supposedly the BOC reviews each and every check and invoice. If they actually did that, they would realize that the ENTIRE utility bill for ALL departments and county buildings for a month are not $7000. However both Comm. Salmon and Comm. Henry told Ms. Braley there should be an utility audit by CGEMC to see why the costs were so high. Scary to realize no one seems to know what is going on, but they sure know how to raise our taxes.

  5. L.Short says:

    No surprise here. The last Code Enforcement officer was fired for embezzlement as well.
    This is indicative of the type of character attracted to this sort of loathsome job involving the near constant harassment of one attempting to exercise their property rights. .

    Also, could it be that the main objective for exposing the corrupt side of the now former code enforcement officer was to make room to move a preferred employee up?

    That said, and seeing how budgets cuts are extreme need of being made, now would be a fine opportunity to shut that P&Z office down for the “greater good” of all Jasper County citizens.

  6. Drsaid says:

    I know there were many citizens who complained to the BOC about checks written to P&Z never clearing their bank.You would think after sevaral complaints somebody would have looked into the problem.
    I guess it is easier to just raise our taxes every year,than to look for waste and stealing.

  7. Rookie_PI says:

    By allowing a resignation from an employee who has supposedly committed a crime against tax paying citizens, Degges is making a statement about herself. Such an action leads one to believe Degges may have been fully aware of and possibly involved in the alleged activity.

  8. Harold says:

    Where did the $15,000 come from and how did not one notice it missing?

  9. Hoodwinked says:

    Zero Code enforcement cases in 2014? Why do we even need code enforcement at all if they don’t do their job?

    Although I don’t know the specifics about the arrest, getting paid for a whole year and not one case brought before the court – I would call that theft by deception.

  10. gayle gray says:

    Thanks for update. At least when she quit she can not get unemployment.

    Karen Deggs might have finally done something right for once.

    • taxdogs says:

      The problem with letting someone resign is, the felony/fraud is not on their record. Other unsuspecting cities, counties, private businesses hire them not knowing their background. Karen Degges has done everything possible to keep honest employees from getting unemployment, including falsely testifying to the Dep’t of Labor. And here we have an arrest by GBI and there’s a resignation allowed!

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