June 29, 2015

Cell phone

The agenda for BOC meetings change so much that we save them as version 1, 2, 3, etc. On Friday (6/26/15) the first version of the agenda was posted with the following item under Old Business.     

 Note Pad Options – Product Demonstrations

It is hard to believe that our commissioners are still intent on the taxpayers buying notepads for them. It is also hard to believe that they would have to have a “demonstration” as to how to use one. Commissioners should buy their own notepads if they want one.

After an employee arrest for theft, an ongoing GBI investigation, and the 6/30/14 audit still not ready, at least one commissioner must have thought they didn’t need this controversy as well. As of this evening, this item has been removed from the agenda.

Other important items on the agenda:

  1. Landfill discussion and action—close the landfill, set up a solid waste authority, bring in regional waste?

  2. City-County Consolidation—do county taxpayers need to take on City debt? Do city residents need to lose their voice?

  3. Adopt the Curbside Fee for 2015—amount taxed to citizens—with a $100,000 profit per year, do we need to be charged more?

  4. Adopt the JCWSA Fire hydrant fee for 2015—this is to help “pay back” the $50,000 this BOC gave JCWSA to bail them out

  5. Adopt Tax Levy for 2015—your taxes will be going up because values have gone up

 We all have an opportunity to let the BOC know how we feel about our increasing property taxes and these other issues, and according to the BOC, unless you show up at the meeting on 7/6/15, you agree with higher taxes and anything else they decide to do.

TO THE SILENT MAJORITY—We need you and all citizens at the meeting on 7/6/15 at 6:00PM. Make plans now to be there!

You can see the entire agenda at this link.



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  1. Gay Morrison says:

    Instead of wasting our money on things that do NOT benefit us taxpayers, how about putting it where it could be used! There are departments that you totally ignore and others you totally don’t. Like animal control for example! Use that money to give us a real animal control service we want and could use in this county. What is a notebook for everyone going to give me the taxpayer?

  2. Steve says:

    The county manager, finance director and forensic accountant should be terminated. The county manager has not completed and audit from 2014!!! The citizens deserve a full accounting of every penny that Jasper County spends. Well I guess that GDOT will determine that Jasper County is non compliant with the reporting procedures and thereby discontinue the LMIG funding. Please refresh my memory… I thought Ms. Degges took credit for the CAFR award in 2012(or 2013) that was earned by her predecessor.

  3. Bring On More Debt says:

    Maybe they need Note Pads to track and catalog the myriad of excuses on why the 2014 audit can be released? And, External hard drives, too. The best group of commissioners EVAH’ according to the best local news source EVAH. Great minds think alike, you know…or something like that.

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