July 7, 2015

Approximately 11:00AM today there was a fender-bender at Bethel Church Rd. and Hwy 212 W.


BCR.stopsign.070715GDOT, please hurry with those 4-way stop signs and please bring a set of flashing lights with you! This is a very dangerous intersection, and we your need help very soon!





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  1. Scrap Recovery says:

    Even with 4way stops an flashing lights there be crashes there as someone is always in a hurry an can’t wait for another to pass by! people need to learn to Drive an relax. It’s not that important to get there faster, or In a body bag instead!

  2. Just an idea says:

    It might be appropriate to have a flashing light by the “through traffic does not stop” sign now. When the 4 way stop is installed, a flashing light is needed to make people who often travel on Hwy 212 aware of the change.

  3. Gayle says:

    I do not understand why people can not stop. At larry’s 4 way it is a rolling stop sign there.

    I think a four way there we will have some bad wrecks of people running the sign. A stop sign just stuck out there on a main highway.

    Gayle Gray


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