July 7, 2015

If you have not read the blog from July 6, 2015, please read it first:


Below is the video showing the motion and vote of the Jasper County BOC to allow Karen Degges to go on 90 days medical leave:

 When the meeting adjourns, a citizen questions the BOC if Karen Degges is getting paid for 90 days Medical Leave. Yes or No?

Jim Alexander, county attorney, tells the BOC “you don’t have to answer that.” Watch this video–

The question was not addressed to the county attorney, but to the BOC. The county attorney is not the 6th commissioner and was not only out of place with his comment but was rude as well.

The BOC didn’t want to answer the question, but with other citizens speaking out, they finally did say, “Yes, she’s getting paid for 90 days.”

The county attorney has been really busy lately cleaning up messes he has created, such as a Solid Waste Authority set up in Executive Session. Putting someone on PAID medical leave is going to have some very costly consequences for county taxpayers. (Next blog on this subject will have details)

Jim Alexander is not the county attorney; that is an incorrect title. He does nothing to protect or defend the citizens of Jasper County. His title is Jasper County Board of Commissioners’ Attorney, and we will refer to him as the Commissioners’ Attorney in the future.

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  1. Sara says:

    Just when is this hip replacement surgery to take place? Someone better keep up with dates. Medical leave should start the last workday before the employee is admitted into the hospital for the procedure and ENDS WHEN THE DOCTOR RELEASES THE PATIENT TO RETURN TO WORK regardless of the number of days the BOC decides upon.

  2. dumbfounded says:

    Could someone explain why the county manager was given 90 days medical leave and then if “she’s not back on her feet”, she can get COBRA? Mr Trammel, do you know what COBRA is? COBRA is health coverage that is available upon termination. Maybe she will get hip fixed but I assure you it doesn’t take 90 days to recover! What a waste of tax money…

  3. Help us says:

    You have to contend the one ànd only commissioner who voted against 90 days paid leave. He was the only one man enough to stand up for what is right?
    Thank you Comm Henry

  4. Say What? says:

    The public is not allowed to ask questions during a BOC meeting. When the meeting is adjourned and a citizen is asking a question, the attorney tells the BOC: “the meeting is over. You don’t have to answer any questions”.

    That is pure arrogance!

    It further shows that the attorney and the BOC intended to deceive the public by omitting the fact that Ms. Degges is on paid leave. Had omitting that fact been an honest mistake, the response would not have been as vicious.

  5. Reality says:

    The county attorney stated at a previous BOC meeting that he works “at the pleasure of the board” and his actions at this meeting clearly demonstrate that. I previously thought that the county attorney was a firewall to ensure the BOC could not invoke illegal or wrongful actions on the citizens.

    Folks, this county attorney is not working on your behalf. Instead he is basically a prostitute for the BOC, and the taxpayers are paying for his “around the world” services.

    County attorneys in many other counties are serving their commissioners in the same manner. That does not make it right.

    Disclaimer: The comments and opinions of this poster do not necessarily represent the views of TWG management .

  6. Eye On The Government of Searsuckers says:

    Mr, Alexander has made the statement that he works for the commissioners and not the public before. We should take him for his word.
    Personally, I believe that due to the willingness of this BoC to float one bond issue after another, while in search of more even more public partnerships, and authorities (debt bombs) to publicly fund is somewhat due to the banking industries influence associated with Mr. Alexander and channeled though the lackadaisical leadership of the five puppets we most often refer to as County Commissioners.
    I think it highly undesirable to have a County attorney so wedded to the finance industry, who also wields so much influence over county governance, in particular finance.

    Can Mr. Alexander mutually serve both, the best interests of county government and private finance without any conflict ever arising? That is the question. I would think not.

    Perpetual debt can only serve one master.

    It’s time for Mr. Alexander to follow Karen Degges leave of absence.

    James B. Alexander
    Practice Areas
    Banking and Finance, Land Use, Local Government
    General Counsel for Newton Federal Bank
    Newton County Community Foundation (Director, Executive Committee)
    Georgia Bankers Association (Director, Chairman-Bank Counsel Section)

  7. Flabbergasted says:

    Watchdog, nailed it. Alexander has been on the taxpayers dime way to long. He has acted like a 6th commissioner for several years now. Somewhere, perhaps always, he forgot he was not there to defend the BOC. He is there to defend the citizens that are Jasper County Taxpayers and guide the BOC as they make sound decisions for the taxpayers of Jasper County based on our desires and needs. Which this BOC does not do either most of the time. They kind of listened,after a long long begging session from the taxpayers, and removed Karen Degges. But I was at the meeting and still not sure if she is really gone. What happens after her 90 day medical leave on our dime? Is this like a suspension or what? Does the BOC think we the taxpayers are going to be over everything she has done and she can come back and start fresh with a new hip and all? Do they really think we are that stupid? I left that meeting with more questions than answers. I wanted to be excited that they finally woke up from the Kool Aid. I just wish they would all call a meeting let us ask them questions and get really honest answers. They are elected officials, which is our fault, not royality. Can’t they they have a work session where we can all just sit down and calmly discuss together the problems and we can all discuss solutions and when it’s all over we can leave feeling like we actually accomplished something?

  8. Charles Maddox says:

    I have a frind that just had a full hip replacement at Emory and was back at work in less than 2 weeks.

    • Taxed Out says:

      Yessir! I would think 2 – 3 weeks would be plenty of time to have the procedure done and be able to return to work. Only government, spending other peoples’ money, could afford a 3 month PAID Leave Of Absence for a hip replacement.

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