July 8, 2015

Before the BOC set the millage rate, each commissioner made his comments on why taxes are going up. See if you agree with any of them.

District 1–Comm. Pennamon

Comm. Pennamon said they didn’t do good job on the budget because they weren’t aware of all the revenue sources. (Earlier in comments a citizen pointed out that the budget was padded by not including all the revenues.)

He also said they need a better handle on these things before they start the budget process. Pennamon admitted they were in a very difficult situation because the FY14 audit was not done. He said he wants a substantial roll back in taxes next year.

 District 2—Comm. Henry

Comm. Henry said he doesn’t like it that taxes are going up. But he said the Sheriff is being funded with what he says he needs, and with Public Works the focus is going to be on getting the roads straightened out.

He also said they are starting to bring businesses in here, and continued that taxes can’t go down without industry here. Henry said he didn’t feel good, but he didn’t feel bad about the tax increase. He said he feels they are doing what they need to do.

District 3—Comm. Trammell

Comm. Trammell said, “Neither do I like taxes, but sitting on this side of the table I know where they are going and where they are needed.”

He also said the cost of removing the remaining fiber at the landfill is the 900 pound gorilla, and it is the reason they aren’t decreasing the millage rate. (TWG comment—yet he’s willing to take $200,000 out of the curbside/landfill account to balance the budget!)

 District 4—Comm. Salmon

Comm. Salmon said he would hold his comments until the budget discussion. Those comments were about Animal Control where he tried to make accusations without accurate information. (This will be an upcoming blog post.)


District 5—Comm. Luke

Comm. Luke started off with saying, “I believe fully in what we are trying to do to move this county forward. “

Luke also said folks in the city are happy about what is going on, of course, because a lot of what goes on in the City is being funded by County. He admitted that calls and emails from citizens gave him a different perspective about things.



The BOC voted on approving the millage rate of 17.446 for the county plus 1.00 mils for the hospital.

The vote was 4-1 to approve the millage rate. Comm. Luke said he believed in it fully, but then voted against it.

 How does this affect you?

5 yr historyA 6.13% tax increase for county taxes this year, plus a school tax increase of 6.15%. That’s an increase of 12.28% in your property taxes.

Dig deep, citizens, dig deep, because Jasper County is “moving forward” with this BOC.


Be informed!  Get involved!


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  1. Frustrated says:

    Mr. Pennamon’s fantasy of reduced property taxes next year can only come true if the BOC will reduce the budget. It will take 3 commissioners to make that happen. As it stands now, none of them had the fortitude to even hold the spending at the same level as last fiscal year.

    Not only is the BOC increasing taxes and raiding the curbside fund again, but they are also using money from fund balance to augment their spending.


    If Mr. Pennamon’s confidence level was projected by the rambling rhetoric he used in justifying the discombobulating process with which this 2016 budget was formalized, then the taxpayers of Jasper should gird their loins for even higher taxes next year, because Mr. Pennamon clearly indicated he has no confidence in this board to accomplish anything other than more of the same; tax and spend.

    If Mr. Henry doesn’t like taxes going up, then why does he keep supporting and voting for property tax increases? Mr., Henry clearly suffers from what is known as cognitive dissonance which is mental stress experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs .This type mental discomfort can certainly play an important role in one’s thought and decision process, which is plainly evidenced by Mr. Henry’s belief that repeatedly increasing the tax on citizens to subsidize the financing and infrastructure of private business will somehow lower our future tax debt, even though it’s common knowledge that industrialized cities and counties all over the USA are suffering budget woes and many teetering on bankruptcy.
    Increasing the need for more public provided services does not decrease the tax burden on property owners. The only tried and true method to cutting any debt, public or private is to cut spending.
    Mr. Henry is free to believe any fantasy he wishes. Even one in which government spends itself into prosperity, but wishing does not make it so. Fantasies have no place in the public realm, especially when others are footing the bill to pay for that erroneous nonsense.

    Mr. Trammell attempts a vapid second hand quote from a public person whose name he cannot even recall as absolute proof that his administration does not act in foolish manner, which actually had the opposite effect of proving what he attempted to deny. The only thing I could ever agree with Ms Degges on was her assessment of Mr. Trammell’s cognitive capacity for comprehension and discourse. District 3 didn’t elect a commissioner, they elected a doting comedian.

    Leave it to Mr. Salmon to go off on a tangent concerning hypothetical gibberish when the people’s business is being settled. I think it would not be incorrect to say the ability to focus on the issue being discussed is not one of Mr. Salmon’s strengths.

    Does anybody ever know what Doug Luke is going on about in these public meetings? If not for cheesy slogans Mr. Luke would not have a thought he could vocalize. Forward is all he’s got.

    Yes, dear tax mules .This is indeed, the bestest’ group of commissioners EVAH!

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