July 17, 2015

 There was another wreck at Bethel Church Rd. & Hwy 212 W today at approximately 2:40PM. This time a young boy was injured. He was transported in a Jasper County ambulance. We don’t know his condition.

 This is the picture of the car involved in the wreck. The person injured was not driving this car, but a small pickup truck.


A young man was killed in October 2014 at this intersection and there have been numerous wrecks since then. Just 10 days ago, there was a fender bender, now this serious wreck today.

If you or anyone you know drives through this intersection, call GDOT and ask that something be done immediately—not 3 months from now, not a year from now.

                       Georgia Dep’t of Transportation—GDOT– www.dot.ga.gov/

600 West Peachtree St NW, Atlanta, GA 30308
(404) 631-1990
Jimmy Smith, District Engineer, 478-552-4601

Here’s an email that was written to our elected officials shortly after the wreck:

 From: Mary Patrick
Sent: Friday, July 17, 2015 4:04 PM
To: Bruce Henry; ‘Carl Pennamon’; Luke; Salmon; Trammell
Cc: mbenton@jaspercountyga.org; ‘Susan Holmes’; ‘Kathy Mudd’
Subject: Another wreck at Bethel Church Rd today

Gentlemen & Rep. Holmes,

Today we had another wreck at Bethel Church Rd. & Hwy 212 W; this time it was with injuries.  I was told a young boy that works at Ingles was transported in the ambulance.  Both vehicles ended up in the wooded part of the bank on the SW corner of the intersection.

There has to be something done here immediately!  The problem is more with the county side of things here rather than the State highway. People are pulling out onto Hwy 212 W from Bethel Church. 

I have asked you in meetings; I have put out blogs; I have asked again; I have put letters to the editor in the paper.  All seems to fall on deaf ears. 

We need rumble strips on Bethel Church Rd.  We need larger stop signs.  We need flashing lights, and yes, we need a 4 way stop with flashing lights and rumble strips on Hwy 212 W as well.  Until we get these things, the county needs to step up.  We have money to waste on “plate dirt” and a variety of others things, but can’t order signs with flashing lights on them? 

Each time there is a wreck, it is more than just that.  It causes emotional, financial, and many times medical problems.  How many wrecks and injuries does there have to be before you take meaningful action here?  Again—flashing lights, larger stop signs, and rumble strips need to be put in immediately!  GDOT needs to be contacted and this intersection needs to be put at the top of the list.  We can’t wait months or years to have this done.  Please, do something!


Mary Patrick

Please take time to let our elected officials know of your concern about the dangerous and deadly situation at this intersection.






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  1. Tammy says:

    I live on Bethel Church just a short distance from the intersection. I lived in town and listened to those noises for 34 years and now that I’m in “the sticks” I appreciate the peacefulness that comes with that. While I don’t think rumble strips would be heard at my home I can somewhat understand someone not wanting to hear them when there is a quiter solution like flashing lights.

  2. Missy says:

    I can understand that the neighbors in that area of Bethel Church Road do not want rumble strips. They are noisy and, especially on a calm night, carry the sound a long way.

    Has there been given any thoughts of putting a traffic light at that intersection?

    A flashing light above the “through traffic does not stop” might also help.

  3. KC says:

    It is my understanding, that it would have been turned into a 4 way stop, with the rumble strips before the intersection. HOWEVER, a gentleman that lives on Bethel Church Rd (not sure which side) DID NOT want to hear that day and night. OK let the blood of the citizens be on his hands when more people crash and possibly even die. If it means saving a life, get the man a set of ear plugs. My husband has been a victim of this intersection and I would much rather hear rumble strips than crashing metal.

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