July 26, 2015


We have heard nothing but EXCUSES from this BOC for the past 2 years. Anything and everything is always someone else’s fault. During the audit presentation, Comm. Trammell asked the auditor, “It would be virtually impossible for one of us to have caught that, would it not?” This was his question to help defend himself and the BOC for not knowing anything about the misappropriation (theft) of county money in the P&Z office.


Additionally, Comm. Trammell said “the guys” were only in the office—at best—once or twice a week. That may be the “other guys” on the BOC, but not him. Trammell was in the office almost every day for an hour or more; and Comm. Pennamon was there almost as often.

The real problem is this BOC has failed to listen to anyone other than Karen Degges. No matter what she told them, even if others questioned what she said or what was presented as fact, they paid no attention. Take for instance the following citizen’s comment on March 2, 2015:


This citizen wanted to know why it had been 53 days since he gave the County a check for his business license and it had not yet cleared his bank account (something else Sherry Braley was in charge of). Do you think the BOC started checking into this situation to see if other checks were just as late being deposited?

 The FY14 audit shows there were problems with deposits the year before as well.  The auditor’s presentation of the FY14 deposits for P&Z are shown here:


 At every financial presentation, the BOC has been told everything is great—money is coming in and no one is over budget. No questions were ever asked.

 TWG questioned the validity of the PowerPoint presented to the BOC in February 2015.  When discussing this with Comm. Luke, he said, “It all came right out of the audits.” Again, he and the others (with the exception of Comm. Pennamon) believed every word, and Comm. Trammell complimented Karen Degges on “all her good work”; even though it was totally bogus and the BOC has never taken the time to verify anything for themselves.

 Just in the last few months, numerous things have been questioned by the public and TWG, but ignored by the BOC— from hiring more and more people, to raises for Sherry Braley; from a missing audit to higher taxes; from violations of policy to gross absenteeism. And the list goes on…..but the BOC does not listen, does not ask questions, does not verify anything.

 So yes, this BOC did have a way of knowing and numerous signs were pointed out to them, not just once, but repeatedly. If you refuse to ask questions, if you refuse to verify anything—even once in a while, and if you refuse to even sign checks but approve them a month after they have been written, sent off, and cleared the bank, then it is going to be hard to know what is going on.

Commissioners, just because you choose to “be in the dark” don’t say you had no way to know. It is your job, your fiduciary duty TO KNOW, and we all expect you to step up and do your job or step aside and let someone else take your place.

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  1. jamesrhayscpht says:

    The biggest curiosity, as I see it, is how exactly did a county with multiple PAGES of issues receive a “clean” audit? I would hate to see a county that did not….

  2. Robb Leggett says:

    I am happy that this has finally been handled. Miss Degges need to be fired a long time ago. Hopefully our Commissioners have learned their lesson and will start doing what is right for Jasper county and stop wasting our money!!!

  3. We've Been Had says:

    I find it very disingenuous and insulting to the voters of Jasper County to have a group of candidate’s trumpet their stellar managerial skills by touting their purported success at former jobs in other counties, as this group of Commissioners have done. And,when taken at the their word, they do not even rise to the managerial level of rank amateurs. The voters of Jasper County have been had.

  4. cowboy bill says:

    Thank God we are not living in the 1800’s when thieves and liars were hung on the square

  5. James Kelly says:

    You’ve got to have accountability in any business, of which our county business is. Someone needs to verify where all of our money is being spent before the checks are written & signed. The commissioners assumption that every thing is OK is ridiculus without verification.

  6. Bring Accountability Back says:

    In the old days…..

    Checks used to be written twice a month. It was also standard that the commissioners would meet twice each month. They regularly met the first Monday and the third Monday each month and more often if needed.

    The new standard for this new “get along” board is to publicly meet once a month and communicate among themselves out of public view.

    The previous board would sign the checks during regular meetings. Attached to the checks were the invoices, so they could be checked and questioned. Ms. Degges started the autopen procedure which caused the BOC to loose all control over seeing who is getting paid and for what. Now at each meeting the commissioners just approve check # xxx through check # xxx. They don’t see the invoices and I seriously doubt they ever question any expense.

    They never scrutinize any idea Ms. Degges ever had, no matter how cockamamie it was.

    Per Mr. Trammmell, the commissioners were at best once or twice a week in the office at the courthouse. What have they been doing there? Listening to Ms. Degges’ fairytales?

    It’s time for the BOC to live up to their fiduciary duties. When someone brings up a possible problem, they need to do their own investigation and not depend on the Fox to give an accurate count of hens in the chicken house.

  7. Dean Strock says:

    I tried to get Comm. Luke to listen to what was, and still is, going on in the county government system several times. I was told he didn’t know this was a full time job and to run for commissioner and he would vote for me. So i guess he is done and doesn’t want to hear from voters of district 5.

  8. gary says:

    The list of checks needs to be submitted for approval each month before they are paid.
    Also each department head needs to submit a list of expenses and income at each meeting.
    Now that deggess is gone maybe we can get some changes made.
    She was a train wreck from day one.

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