July 27, 2015

 The STATE is going to do something about the intersection at Bethel Church Rd. & Hwy 212 W; they started work on it today.  Signs one mile from the intersection on Hwy 212 already have traffic slowing down.

BCR DOT sign

BCR All Way Stop

What are the Commissioners going to do about the Bethel Church Rd. approach to the intersection?

 On 10/15/14 they were asked to do something after a fatal wreck at the intersection.


 At that meeting, even though the BOC seems sympathetic to the plea, Comm. Salmon had a different idea. After asking the County Manager to look into “getting quotes,” Comm. Salmon said he had been hitting Bethel Church Rd. for 26 years and had never had an issue with it. In fact he said this 2 or 3 times 

 After many more wrecks, several blogs, and letters to the editor, Sheriff Donnie Pope and Rep. Susan Holmes joined in and made pleas to the GDOT for help.   After the last wreck on July 17, 2015 GDOT seemed to understand there was a big problem at the intersection.

 Another attempt to get the BOC to do something on Bethel Church Rd. was made again on 7/23/15:


 Comm. Luke said on his way home from work there were Stop signs with flashing LED lights on them in Putnam County, and they did get your attention. Commissioners, please don’t wait too long to put safety measures in place on Bethel Church Rd.

 Thank you Sheriff Pope, Rep. Holmes, and GDOT for your help in resolving this serious situation.



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