July 30, 2015

 The FY14 audit contained a flow chart of how the hierarchy is supposed to be in Jasper County (or any county).

 County Flow Chart

Notice who is at the top of the chart—the citizens, the taxpayers, of the county.

 But here is how the hierarchy really works:

JC Govt FLOW CHARTUntil the BOC decides to first– listen to the citizens, and then– be in charge of what happens, we will have unelected people deciding our fate with higher taxes, taxpayer backed bonds, and other debt and decisions.

 TWG has long advocated for a County Administrator that carries out the directives of the BOC rather than a County Manager that makes all the decisions and tells the BOC how it is going to be.

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    “Nobody could’ve known” is the last refuge of guilty scoundrels and useful idiots. Take your pick.

    If the natural order of the hierarchy of self-government, as depicted in the first chart is correct , then citizens are the moral source from which Jasper County government draws its authority, and thus we that empower the incompetent and corrupt are absolutely guilty of neglect of duty and rightly so.

    Even, if as depicted in the second flow chart, wherein a majority of apathetic citizenry has willingly ceded their natural authority to a small group of walk-in opportunists of questionable scruples, which I think is entirely the case, then again, the guilt of permitting malfeasance lies wholly in we the people.

    So whichever chart we choose to accept, the first or the humorous latter, the guilt of mismanagement and misappropriation is all our own.

    Also, there is third element of the hierarchy of Jasper County government that resides at the head, unseen, unnatural, totally meritless, enjoying near absolute control of the strings of public finance; initiating millions of dollars in public debt under the guise of Smart Growth, Strategic Planning and economic development; promoted by tired old Marxist slogans like Forward Jasper, and though organized groups of sycophantic non-critical thinkers a’ la Team Jasper who are mobilized to run interference against all who disagree. .
    These are the deciders. We can remove commissioners by the ballot, and often do, but
    the deciders anticipating the decline in political favor of their pet politician amongst the electorate will already have another Trojan Horse saddled and frothing at the bit to get out there and do the work of the “greater good” which if you’ll notice always requires more and more public debt to further their “strategic plan.”

    We cannot extricate our government from the power of the political opportunists unless we recognize and acknowledge how they operate. Their operation is stealth and their tools are popular opinion fomented by fear-mongering.
    We must grow, they say? Why, you ask? To lower you taxes, they reply. How, you query? By creating more debt, will be their answer, but they’ll label that malignant debt cancer as economic development which has never been, until recent years, a legitimate function of any county government.

    Lets’ assume for an instance that it is the duty of the taxpayer to fund private enterprise for the sake of “economic development.” Who in county government is qualified to study the financials of a company and interpret the market trends of that particular industry in order to ensure the county taxpayers don’t get stiffed by our so called “investment opportunity?” The five commissioners who didn’t have the wherewithal too competently manage their one administrative employee? Or, maybe it’s David Dyer whose third party meddling in the AT &T cell tower deal earned him 50,000 dollars in unnecessary consultant fees, but will cost the taxpayers a yet untold amount in civil litigation? The same David Dyer that just sold the taxpayers of Jasper County a $2,000,000.000 sawmill which will produce wide-plank flooring, although flooring manufactures all across the nation are going under?
    Again, for the sake of argument, let’s assume that it is the duty of the taxpayer to create job markets via the funding of private enterprise with public money. Why are the taxpayers who will burdened with funding “the deciders” pet projects kept in the dark about the debt we’re about to suddenly incur, right up until the taxpayer funded bonds are about to be issued?

    If the taxpayers are to be hung on the meat hook of guaranteeing long term debt for a private company, along with the risk of financial failure, why not put it to public referendum?

    Do “the deciders” think the taxpayers of Jasper County to stupid to be entrusted with the private investment of their own public funds? Apparently so.

    And, what of Jasper Counties market needs? Should we be forced into investing tens of millions of our hard-earned taxpayer bucks in a bucket factory where we can’t even purchase a bucket, or a flooring mill where we can’t purchase flooring , or how about a pharmaceutical company where we can’t even buy an aspirin?

    If we the taxpayers of Jasper County are to fund any private venture, let’s not invest in sawmills-which I think the county already has a least five ran by citizens who get no tax breaks- lets instead invest in fostering price competition in the service industries, from which all of us benefit.

    Often price conscious Jasper Countians are forced to shop out of town because certain local businesses hold market monopolies and therefore can price gouge at will.

    Public funding of certain service providers such as dentistry and lumber/hardware would not only give Jasper County consumers choice of variety, but provide for price competition as well.

    I’m sure if we the people of Jasper County search hard enough, we can find some “good christian men “deserved of a couple of million of principle, interest and tax free publicly funded loans who are willing, free from any financial risk , to start up , for example, a dentist business or perhaps even a lumber company. See how easy the economic development business is? Just offer free money with no strings attached and they will come.

    Say goodbye to the secret society of public debt profiteers, “the deciders” and their lackey at DAJC, David Dyer and say hello to economic development via public referendum. It’s the democratic way.

    “To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.”

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