August 8, 2015

At the 8/3/15 BOC meeting, there was discussion about allowing Public Works to pave McElheney Crossroads. This video includes the motion and the vote. The public works department has tried to pave roads before without the best results.

Comm. Trammell says it will only cost $20,000 for Public Works (PW) to do the paving in-house, on McElheney Crossroads, and then he says, “I believe, no, I don’t believe, I KNOW they can do it.”

Let’s look at a few pictures of the “test road” Jasper County Public Works employees did about a month ago. Mack Tillman Dr. goes from Hwy 212 W down beside the Sheriff’s office and Senior Center, past Animal Control, and in to Public Works.  (Click on pictures to enlarge them)  Who supervised and allowed this work to be done this way?

Mack Tillman Dr1.070715.done by PWMack Tillman Dr3.070715.done by PW  

Mack Tillman Dr2.070715.done by PW

Trammell says all the paving equipment is ready to go; obviously, it has all been repaired from where it wasn’t taken care of before. However, both Comm. Henry and Comm. Luke put a little monkey wrench in this plan because they want the County Engineer—Mark Whitley—to be there when the work is done to make sure it is done correctly. No cost was mentioned as to how much that would add to the $20,000 quoted by Comm. Trammell. (Most of these figures are pulled out of the air.) In addition, Comm. Henry said PW had to be staffed properly before they took on additional work.

Comm. Trammell continues to push his agenda, and refused to add the supervision by Whitley to the motion or withdraw his motion (see 3:55 on video). Henry and Luke voted against this motion because they felt the engineer should supervise the work. This seems more than reasonable after seeing how the test road on Mack Tillman Dr. was done, but not to Trammell, Salmon, and Pennamon who push for more and more spending.

If you want to listen to more details of the discussion on PW paving county roads, please watch this video:

On August 17, 2015 at 6:00PM, the BOC has a called meeting to discuss Public Works. If you are concerned about how your road is maintained or not maintained, you should plan to attend this meeting. You will have 3 minutes to speak at the beginning of the meeting and let the BOC know of your concerns.


Be Informed!  Get Involved!  Pass this on to others so they will be informed too!


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  1. James Kelly says:

    Thanks Mary Patrick for your tenacity in getting the 4 way stop at 212 W and Bethel Church Rd. We need you back on the board of commissioners!!

  2. Mr. Doubtful says:

    Mr. Trammell said in part: “They do some rough grading, filling potholes and double surface for no more than $20,000. They know they are in the crosshairs, they know they have to do a good job and I believe they can do it.”

    Did someone fail to tell them they needed to do a good job on Mc Tillman Drive and every other road?

    If our public works department can properly grade, fill potholes and then double surfaced a road of more than a mile for $20,000 then most of the county roads should be paved by now. Lord knows we spend a lot of money on roads.

    Based on what we have been spending on getting roads paved, I don’t believe it is realistic to think that McElheney Cross Roads can be satisfactorily paved for no more than $20,000 and expect the road to hold up for several years.

    I would love to be wrong on this.

  3. Scrap Recovery says:

    I know the pea/tar/gravel will not hold up to a car,kids on 4wheelers much less a school bus, An will fall apart. Paving is asphalt mixed with tar an stone heated to 300* put down at about 4″ is only thing that will work. But also Base first then topping, NOT driveway mix! I have paved More roads and sub-divisions than in this county, and in other parts of the state. I know what will work an their idea WON’T!

  4. Stop The Stupid says:

    Gene Trammell is an idiot. but that’s my personal opinion.You’re entitled to your own.

  5. Larry O Evans says:

    I would be tickled to death if Bear Creek Point ( dirt ) Rd. was paved as good as the test road. They have been going to pave it for the last 20 years. If the county has the equipment, then they should learn to use it. We would be happy for them to practice on our road.

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