August 10, 2015


TWG has had many comments both on the blog and via email about the BOC violating the county purchasing policy concerning bids while making another department stick to it 10 minutes earlier.

Here’s what the county purchasing policy says: (this is an exact copy)
Bid Requirements HiLite

Trammell is determined to spend money and make deals with people he knows, out of the eye of the citizens, and it appears, even behind the backs of other commissioners. He said, “We’ve got to go ahead and get the conceptual drawings and estimates of what the final project will be.”  Will these services be bid out or given to Jordan Engineering automatically like DAJC does on its projects?

TWG has obtained the grant writer’s proposal through open records. You can view it here. (It was not available at the BOC meeting where this was discussed and voted on.)

According to the proposal, Jasper County will have to pay $5,000 for the Grant Writing Service and $3,000 for Project Readiness Assistance.  Trammell said if we got the grant, this amount would come out of the grant; if not, the taxpayers will pay it. He also said this amount “was competitive.” Without bids there is no way of knowing if it is competitive.

Trammell told the rest of the commissioners (who were clueless on this whole deal) that if we got the grant, it would cost $20,000.   What the proposal says is:

AllenSmith6%Allen-Smith Consulting (the company awarded this work without the required bidding process) would get 6% of the grant ($30,000) IF they get the job to administer the grant! There is nothing in the proposal about $20,000. That must have been a number Trammell thought sounded good to the public and to the rest of the BOC.

What seems to concern all of us is the fact that Commissioners Henry and Luke didn’t even know what the grant money would be spent on or how much “the project” would cost. Trammell and Pennamon kept adding money via different sources—grants, SPLOST 12, the next SPLOST, more grants, etc. What the voters approved in the 2012 SPLOST was a $300,000 multi-purpose building. How did it become a million dollar building without any public input?

There have been no public meetings to show the people what this multiphase project consists of or to even ask if the public wants it. Comm. Henry even asked, “If we get this $500,000 what will we do with it?” This BOC has no idea or a pressing need, yet they want to spend money and raise taxes. Another big building will mean more insurance, more maintenance, more cleaning, more staff, etc., and MORE MONEY out of our pockets.

If the BOC had solicited bids legally, the public would have known about the project, what was being considered, and if we were getting a good deal or not. There are dozens of grant writers in Georgia, and just because Gene Trammell and Baldwin County has dealt with these consultants and he knows them, is no reason to allow this illegal act.


The reason for sealed bids for services is to keep kickbacks and favors at a minimum. Trammell thinks he is above following the rules and the rest of this Board of Commissioners is just as guilty for voting to approve the deal Trammell pushed without following the bid procedure required.

If you missed the video of the discussion and vote, click here to watch it now:

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  1. Stop The Looting says:

    It is apparent that Trammell no longer cares what the people of Jasper County think .He’s only has to sell his public debt schemes to his fellow commissioners. They alone will decide what is best for all of us, even though as the video made obvious, this meeting was the first they‘d heard of Trammel’s great “conceptual” public debt masterpieces which I imagine was contrived not by Gene, but by the small clique of symbiotic parasites that leads him around by the nose.
    The business of these self-appointed master strategic planners is promoting and propagating public debt for no other greater good than their own.
    Trammell is just and end to their means and like all the rest who came before, when his political capital is spent, so will his status in the clique of cronies, whereupon he will be cast off to become just another lonely tool, dulled and bent and of no further political use.

    While I do think Trammell’s political future will most certainly be a short one, the futures of the other three commissioner’s are not necessarily so. Carl Pennamon, the gerrymandered commissioner is the exception .
    However, as clique outsiders, the other three still have an opportunity to redeem themselves. The question is will they or continue on allowing themselves to be so easily used by Gene Trammell to further his ambitious political career.

    For example, when Bruce Henry questioned the purpose of Trammell’s public debt scheme, he demonstrated how easily Trammell could manipulate him with one word. Forward was all Trammell has to say and Bruce Henry was whipping around like a puppy given a treat claiming what a great idea Trammell’s scheme was even though he still knew nothing about it. ..only Forward…that magic word that Stalin used so well to build a Marxist slave state still has the power to influence the ignorant and naturally submissive.

    In addition, to answer the question put forth by Jack Wiser on sending Trammell packing. An election is coming up and with that, the end of Trammell’s political career, but in the meantime, the golden tool of the JC cronies can still do a lot of damage to the financial stability of Jasper County which can only be keep in check by the other four commissioners.
    Let them know how you feel about Trammell’s incessant public debt schemes.

  2. Jack Wiser says:

    How can we remove Trammell from the BOC?

  3. Where is the rest of the story? says:

    Commissioner Trammel – please tell us the whole story. You leave us with a lot of questions.

    You say; “There are additional grants out there that we are trying to secure”. What grants are those? How much matching funds will be required? Did you account for matching funds in your budget? After you spend $300,000 in SPLOST money, there is no additional money for recreation left in SPLOST.

    You say: “The $500,000 grant is a piece of the final project”. What exactly is the final project? How much will the final project cost? Why is this “project” not shown to the public to see if that is something that has support?

    You say” “this is an extended spending line”. What does that mean? Over how many years is this project being done? What is the time line and how is it broken down? Are you committing future boards to a project the public may or may not want to fund?

  4. J. Ross Hays says:

    That proposal is dated July 13th. Isn’t that odd? Why would the proposal be written before the board even discusses pursuing the grant & why was it not available to be read by the commissioners before they voted on it? So, somebody, somewhere, it would seem, intentionally kept this information back and THEN produced it after the vote. Perhaps?

  5. gayle gray says:

    so how do we stop this?

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