Jasper County Water & Sewer Authority IN NEED OF MONEY AGAIN

August 13, 2015

Pay off

 It was just a year ago in August that JCWSA got a $50,000 bail out gift from the Jasper County BOC via the taxpayers. Frank Sherrill, the JCWSA engineer/consultant/manager, told the BOC not long after receiving this money that “they (JCWSA) were in the best financial shape ever.” See earlier blog concerning this.

According to the 31 year agreement this BOC signed, JCWSA got another $42,900 in December 2014, and this money is supposedly paid back by a tax assessment on the property owners along the water line. If property owners pay that tax or not, the county still pays JCWSA $42,900 each December for the next 30 years.

 In June 2015 Frank Sherrill wanted the JCWSA board to request an advance from the BOC of half of the money that would be paid in December. Honestly, it is hard to believe they had the gall to make such a request, since “they are in the best financial shape ever” and because they said the 31 year agreement was all they needed to keep them healthy and happy from now on.

 The July 14, 2015 minutes from the JCWSA meeting state, “Frank [Sherrill] said the County has indicated that a lump sum payment will be made on December 31st.” Thankfully, the BOC made JCWSA stick with the agreement that they instigated and wanted.

 JCWSA has borrowed $40,000 from the Bank of Monticello that will have to be paid back by December 31st because it is a “tax anticipation note.” There was no mention of the interest rate or the actual amount borrowed in the minutes; the $40,000 is shown on the financial statements.

Other information in their minutes show as of July 2015:

  • JCWSA has raised their water rates, and the average bill is now $54.34.
  • From January- July they have had 11 new customers. Total customers is 395.
  • Their short term debt is $107,500 and their long term debt is $2,158,000.



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5 Responses to Jasper County Water & Sewer Authority IN NEED OF MONEY AGAIN

  1. Shut-Down Government By Sandwich Shop Decree says:

    Since it appears the Bank of Monticello had a strong position in helping create JCWSA, it’s board should do the honorable thing and purchase all the tax-payer funded debt guaranteed by those elected useful idiots who lend themselves to such easy manipulation.Two wrongs never make a right. The taxpayers of Jasper county are owed restitution and an public apology for all the years of lies and abuses heaped upon the public trust by those driven by personal ambition and greed. It’s time these deceitful manipulators of our elected officials come clean admit the only strategic plan they have is to redirect taxpayer funds from the County’s account to their personal one.

    The taxpayers of Jasper County should not be in the corporate welfare business , regardless what David Dyer, Gene Trammell and sandwich shop get-along gang believes. Stop the looting.

  2. What could go wrong? says:

    A business built on arrogance, deceit and a lie will always struggle to make it.

    The people of Jasper County voted not to create a water authority. The “leaders” showed arrogance by establishing an authority against the wishes of the taxpayers.

    The authority deceived USDA by declaring they have more water customers than they actually had in order to get a huge loan.

    They lied to county residents by assuring them that it was not going to cost them a dime.

    Is it any wonder that the authority finds itself in financial trouble every time they turn around?

    The money they will receive the end of the year from Jasper county taxpayers will be enough to pay off the loan from the Bank of Monticello. But nothing changed in their business model, so come 2016, they will once again have to borrow money or ask for a bailout from the BOC.

    At least the BOC stuck to their guns this time and did not violate the ill conceived agreement.

  3. We told them this would happen says:

    They need to suck it up and file bankruptcy like most failed business do when it becomes obvious they have failed. Give it up folks you are a train wreck that can not be fixed by continuing to borrow money you can not pay back.


    There is no doubt that the JCWSA has and is being ran by experienced caterwauling sycophants who know as much about water and finance as the current BoC knows about open government and fiscal responsibility . How many board members even know what the interest rate on the loan is? I doubt any, outside of their consultant Frank Sherrill, have even a drop of knowledge on the terms of the loan.

    The JCSWA board members are merely legal placeholders while Sherrill and a few loan pimps grease the so-called water authority skids with more debt fully expecting that former JCWSA turned Commissioners’ Bumbles the Chair and Fishy Past Fresh will bail them out. JCWSA is just another taxpayer-funded racket, controlled not by board members, but by the same small serving clique that yanks the levers behind the curtain of not only the Jasper County BoC , but the Development Authority of Jasper County (DAJC) as well. Why? Because that’s were path to unfettered access to the public cash pie lies.

    Jasper County government has become nothing more than a racket for the corrupt by the corrupt.

    That said, here is a novel idea that never occurred to any JCWSA member. Get rid of Frank Sherrill. The water authority has been a total failure under his guidance and continues to be a financial disaster after nearly two decades of going nowhere but deeper in debt.Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results each time is the very definition of insanity, as Einstein once quipped, which leads me to believe that the board of JCWSA must be totally off out of their dimly lit minds.. No more taxpayer cash for those clods.

  5. Anon says:

    Not employees, but stealing from the citizens anyway.

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