Another County Employee Is Charged with Theft

August 14, 2015

The following article is taken from the Monticello News:

Kathy Mudd

  •  Thu, Aug 13, 2015

Dawn Michelle Raynor, 39, of Newborn, an employee in Jasper County Probate Court for the past seven years turned herself in to the Jasper County Detention Center last Friday after a warrant was issued for her arrest. She is now out on a $5,000 bond.

Ms. Raynor is charged with felony theft by taking after Probate Judge Linda Keller discovered some inconsistencies in some traffic reports she was reviewing. She called on Sheriff Donnie Pope who summoned the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) to look into it.

Joe Wooten,with the GBI said that Ms. Raynor was responsible for taking in fines for tickets, and she had converted roughly $1,000 worth of cash fines paid.

Judge Keller said the violation took place from mid-May to mid-July, and five tickets on four defendants were found in found to have irregularities. She said she checked the books back until last October, and found no other signs of misappropriation. Judge Keller said more safeguards to prevent this from happening again had already been put in place. Ms. Raynor resigned from her job before the allegations came to light. Previously, in June, the county’s Planning & Zoning Director, Sherry Braley, was charged with theft of county funds.


TWG comments:

There has been no word about a court date for Sherry Braley who was arrested in June for misappropriation of over $15,000 in county funds, but there are rumors that she will be represented by a public defender. Not only did she steal from the taxpayers, now it appears the taxpayers are going to pay to defend her!

We do question why Judge Keller decided to only go back to October 2014 (10 months) in checking her books. When taxpayers are questioned by their government, they have to produce records and be checked for the past 3 years.


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5 Responses to Another County Employee Is Charged with Theft

  1. dave says:

    maybe a little off topic here- obviously there are some leadership issues – but ive been a resident of jasper county for 8 years now, and i have always been required to pay my property tax and tag fees in cash. i haven’t purchased checks for my bank account in a decade, as nobody wants to deal with them when a debit or credit card is available. Ive always received a receipt at the window, but lets remove or reduce the opportunity for theft in the absence of actual management. maybe if we as a county step into the 21st century it would force the hiring of honest, educated, diligent, and dedicated people who have the integrity to handle other peoples money without the desire to commit a felony.

  2. Clorox the County Couthouse says:

    The culture of corruption festering in county government has increased tenfold under the administration of Gene Trammell , Doug Luke, Craig Salmon,Bruce Henry and Carl Pennamon.
    What will it take to disinfect this stench of progressive putrefaction that continues to emanate from the Jasper County’s seat of govenrment?
    The people of Jasper county deserve better.

  3. J. Ross Hays says:

    If she started looking and noticed that it had not happened for say Oct-Dec maybe it would be a waste of her time. If the pattern ends, stop following it?

    • Flabergasted says:

      I would go back at least through the summer before to see if it was just the time of year before I stopped following a cold trail.

  4. Flabbergasted says:

    When will this stop?
    I agree that the books should be reviewed further back. She may have been just taking vacation money for years and just got caught this year.

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