August 18, 2015

Mack Tillman Dr4.070715.done by PW

After citizen comments, the BOC has started having Commissioner comments. Monday night during his comments, Comm. Pennamon tried to “set the story straight” about Mack Tillman Dr. He said PW did not pave that road. Listen to his explanation:

In reference to Mack Tillman Rd. Comm. Pennamon said, “It came out on the blog over the week-end. When we help by criticizing we need to have all the facts.” Well, Comm. Pennamon, just what are those facts?

Citizen comments based on facts as they knew them follow:

Mr. Charles Forsythe

 Mrs. Mary Patrick


Where did these citizens get their information about Mack Tillman Road being a test road? From the BOC meeting, of course. It is not something that was made up; it is something that the BOC discussed and Karen Degges said Mack Tillman Road would be the test road!! Watch the video:

Now the BOC wants to tell a different story. Just like the James Gregory deal—the BOC said no more vehicle allowance and voted on it in public, but a nice raise was approved behind closed doors.

This BOC thinks that it can “reprimand” the citizens for not knowing what “really” happened, when the only way to know what the BOC is doing is to be privy to the meetings in the dark or the telephone calls or the emails that the commissioners have between themselves.

So the real story is, Mack Tillman Rd. was a test road until it didn’t turn out well, and then it wasn’t. If this was a test road or not, why would PW do a poor job on it? Just because there was enough material left over from another job (Gap Creek Rd.) to do about 300’ of road, why should the work be done so poorly? What we understood Comm. Pennamon to say was, it is all ok to just dump the material down and roll over it because it was “left over” and that isn’t really paving.

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  1. The Truth is Not in Them says:

    Who are we to believe, our lyin’ ears or our lyin’ commissioners? Maybe that’s why the Board of Commissioners so desperately need those new tablets; to keep track of the all lies they tell.

  2. Shabby Road says:

    Who knew that Ms. Degges’ short term memory loss due to menopause was contagious? Not one of the commissioners remembered that Mack Tillman road was a “practice” road.

    The road crew will need some more “practice” before trying to pave a road that is over a mile long.

  3. Jerry says:

    Is left over material free? Pennamon acts as if we should all pat public works on the back for using left over material. There are plenty of potholes that it could be used on rather than sand or gravel that is used now. The mindset of this board is as long as we can tax people, we can waste money and keep incompetent employees with the continuing flow of money.

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