August 20, 2015

Procurement CorruptionThe problem is not the purchasing, the problem is the BOC hasn’t been following the bidding process to purchase larger items. 

Here’s what Chairman Trammell has to say on the subject:

Trammell said that he had asked people to bid on things and couldn’t get them to bid on items that “only cost” $5000. He says Jasper County’s purchasing policy is “antiquated.” But it sure is funny how they can get the people they ask to give “quotes”, isn’t it? Bidding allows everyone an opportunity to do the work or sell the product, not just people they know and they allow to give them a quote.

During the meeting Trammell said he was handing out policies from neighboring counties for each commissioner to look at. Do you think they might be more to Gene’s liking? Could any new policy just allow any or all of the commissioner’s friends to do the work or sell the county equipment without any bids at all?

Since Trammell said in a recent meeting they would be looking into purchasing “technology”, he might need to get a new policy in place quickly. Time will tell!







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  1. Flabergasted says:

    Gene Trammel is a loud and rude bully that needs to go home.
    This county would be better off if he would just resign.

  2. The Bid Process Keeps The Easily Corrupted Honest says:

    What is it with Mr. Trammell and his inability to shoot straight? Is it a character or cognitive issue? In the Youtube video, he starts babbling about how antiquated Jasper County’s purchasing policy is because it requires a bid on anything over $5,000.00. He goes on to claim that no vendor wants to bid on anything under five grand and then seeks to justify his commentary by claiming an ISP would not provide their web service for a mere four thousand dollars. $4000.00 is not $5000.00 is it. So how is the point relevant?

    There are companies in business that refuse to bid on service requests from costumers? Is business so good these days that vendors now turn down requests for their services?

    Truly, how many vendors would balk at presenting a quick bid for a service they perform everyday? Most established vendors selling a service or a product know from years of experience the exact cost of their products and have bid forms made up just to satisfy numerous requests they receive every day.

    Those employed or formerly employed in purchasing can attest to the ease of digital enquiries on the cost of a product and the ease with which those bids are returned the same way.

    The same applies for the individual shopping for the best price. There is not a consumer product made that cannot be procured via an e-mail bid process. Just last week, I bought tires, installation and alignment using this very method, and for a lot less than $5000.00. Moreover, the vendors where more than happy to bid.

    Jasper County’s bid process may be antiquated, but it is a policy put place for good reason. To keep the rats from eating all the seed corn, one kernel at a time.

  3. Shock the Monkey says:

    Gene is letting his big spending habits he acquired in Baldwin County follow him to Jasper County. He wants to override bidding procedure when it fits his agenda and just because other counties have different procedure does not mean it will work in the best interest of Jasper County taxpayers. If this board is not bright enough to use and come up with proper bidding protocol on their own, then they are too incompetent to be on the BOC. Monkey See—Monkey Do management decisions usually do not turn out well. I do not care what other counties are doing with their purchasing policy. The needs of Jasper County is unique and should be treated as such.

  4. Charlatan Gene says:

    I don’t understand why someone that can provide a quote cannot provide a bid. Whether a quote or a bid, we should have at least 3 competitors competing for the business.

    There is a good reason for having a purchasing policy. Does Mr. Trammell want to make a change because this board seems incapable of following the policy or is he trying to justify the recent grant writing faux pas?

    I support Mr. Trammell’s decision to buy the latest and greatest in technology, from an ipad, iphone, apple watch to Google glass, as long as he uses his own money. In no way do I want my tax money to go for, what I consider, frivolous toys.

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