September 2, 2015



The City of Monticello will be holding elections this year for 3 places on the City Council. The future of Monticello may very well be at stake.

The qualifying deadline is high noon tomorrow. At present the following have qualified:

For Mayor Pro Tem –  Incumbent Bobby Jacobs—who is not seeking re-election:

  • Alton Standifer—nephew to Mayor Brian Standifer
  • Stone Workman—former Jasper County Development Authority Director
  • Randy Strozier—former City Council member

District One – Incumbent Cornell Williams—who has not qualified as of 4:00pm today

  • Cynthia Miller—previously ran for Mayor Pro Tem approximately 2 terms ago

District Two – Incumbent Katherine Alexander—who has not qualified as of 4:00pm today

  • Stephanie Chaney—a new resident of Monticello that volunteers at the Chamber of Commerce

There has been lots of talk about City-County consolidation by “the powers that be.” Ask these candidates how they feel about this issue and why. Folks in the county should watch this election very carefully because several people on the “strategic planning committee” have advocated for consolidation saying it will save money. TWG questions that point after seeing how much more money it cost for the County (Sheriff) to take over the City policing.

Also, ask the candidates their plans to balance the City budget, make payments on time, what they plan to change, and any other issues you have.

If you are thinking about qualifying, here are the requirements:

Section 6. – [Mayor and councilmen—Eligibility for office; election districts and elections.]

(a) Any person who is a resident of the territory described as the corporate limits of the city and who has been a resident thereof for one continuous year immediately preceding the date of the election, and who is 21 years of age and a qualified voter of said city, and who is otherwise qualified as provided in this section shall be eligible to be elected as mayor or councilman.

(b) The mayor and one councilman may reside anywhere within the City of Monticello and shall be elected by a majority of the qualified electors of the entire city. The councilman elected from the city at large shall be the mayor pro tempore.

(c) (1) For purposes of electing the other four members of the city council, the City of Monticello is divided into two election districts by the following described line, to wit: Beginning at the point where the Southern Railroad tract [tracks] intersects the southern boundary of the Monticello city limits line; from that point northeast along the centerline of the Southern Railroad track until it intersects Key Street; from that point southeast along the centerline of Key Street until it intersects Blue Ruin Street; from that point northeast along the centerline of Blue Ruin Street until it intersects with the Monticello city limits line.

Election District No. 1 shall contain all that territory and area within the city limits of Monticello which lies east and southeast of the above described line.

Election District No. 2 shall contain all that territory and area within the city limits of Monticello which lies west and northwest of the above described line.

There will be updates on who qualifies before the deadline and on the candidates during the campaign cycle.


Citizens, be informed and stay informed! Only by being informed can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County. That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.


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  1. #funnyonethatthere says:

    On City/County consolidation. We expect people who voluntarily live in the City of Monticello to make a wise decision concerning all the county’s citizens? OMG, , next we hear ,the Monticello News will be doing investigative reporting!

  2. Bobby Jacobs says:

    It is very exciting to see folks qualifying for City Council. It was not so long ago that it was very difficult to attract individuals to run for public office in Monticello. So it’s nice to see the level of interest being shown. Our great City has made significant progress in the last 8 years it is my prayer it will continue to make a positive difference in this area of our State and in the lives of its Citizens. Thanks Bobby Jacobs

    • Behind the Jasper County Curtain says:

      The real reason it is difficult to find good ,honest candidates to run for office in either the county or the city is because very few want to be associated with the polished miscreants who actually run the city and county from behind the ruse of pillars of the community. A more accurate term to describe this den of grinning vipers would be “pilferers of the community” , because if not for access to public wealth these scurrilous hustlers would not bother to stick their pasty snoots out of their county rooms for any committee service. No,the faces of those we elect are much different than those who actually control the county purse strings. If you want a glimpse of the head of the snake , look no further than the Newton County banker retread.

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