September 4, 2015

If you listen to our BOC, you would think the only thing wrong in Jasper County is the roads. Admittedly, many are in poor shape, but the county itself has become shabby and neglected looking.

We can only blame this on the lack of supervision over Code Enforcement, and the BOC not demanding that people in that department do their jobs.

Here’s a few examples:  (You can click on all pictures to enlarge them)

Did you know we now have a junk yard in Jasper County? Yep! It’s down Hwy 83S on Edwards Rd. When was the zoning hearing to allow a junk yard? How did this business get a permit? People that travel past this spot daily have called to say that more and more vehicles are being brought in by the day.

090415 We buy Junk Cars

“I buy Junk Cars” $200-$1000

090415 Cars in weedsCars are being parked behind the building as well, down in the weeds, and out of sight of the highway. As these pictures were taken a tow truck was pulling another car down in the weeds.

090415 Cars behind bldgA call to the BOC offices yielded no information. Brad Cherry (code enforcement) wasn’t in and Mike Benton (County Manager) knew absolutely nothing about it, but did say he would check into it.

 Jasper County still has a burned out house that stands as a “welcome” to people coming to Jackson Lake on Hwy 212. It has been standing for over a year and maybe two and nothing has been done about it. Just wondering how the BOC thinks this will help “economic development” in Jasper County as people coming into the county see it standing there month after month.

Burned out house on 212Then there’s burned out houses on County Line Rd. One has been standing for over 4 years with nothing done about it.  This is the area our BOC Chair and Economic Development Director say “Baxter folks” are coming to live.

County Line Rd Burned out house2 2014Another house burned a year ago and our code enforcement department has allowed people to live in half the house with “temporary power”.

Burned house.left half.burned out.2015

We also have people that keep piles of junk in their yard and nothing is done despite complaints—

Off County Line Rd.

Bear Creek Point Rd.garbage.front yard.2015In Alcovy Shores

AC in front for over 9 mos Oct14 AS

Then of course we have Rollingwood Cove that has been in serious “junk mode” for years because of a slum lord that owns about ½ the houses in that area. We have been told some have no electricity, and it is obvious there are no windows in others.

Trailer broken out windows Oct2014 RWC

And Turtle Cove has been the latest victim of no code enforcement.


 Comm. Luke complains about trash on the roads at almost every meeting, and talked about a mattress along the road in his area for 3 meetings. Yet, the thought of asking why Sherry Braley was never at work or doing her job or why there were no court cases for 2 years never seemed to dawn on him or the other commissioners despite questions and details from this blog and complaints from citizens.

TWG also just found out that Brad Cherry who has worked for the county for several years and Virginia Williams who has worked for the county about 6 months had never been sworn in so they could write tickets. They have both now been sworn in.

It is also interesting that the BOC thought backing $1.8M in bonds for a wood flooring plant was a great idea because the site was so “junky” and that would get it cleaned up. (Yes, they really said this at the meeting.)

Guess what? The new junk yard is right across the street from the wood flooring plant.

Welcome to Jasper County!

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  1. Scrap Recovery says:

    The A/c,t/v, & old P/c units I will happily remove as I am a E-Scrap company and have ways of removing freon from a/c. also, All my things are hidden from road an moved every week to other companies who deal in plastic also Glass.

    As for the other things, no one want to come here as we have nothing to offer. How many places can big trucks get fuel at? Newton has an interstate and rail service, we have rail sometimes.

    • Flabergasted says:

      If you like Newton County better for what it offers pick your crap up and go there. We will not miss you or your junk!

  2. Well it appears your info is inaccurate….. which is typical with many nosey ass people in Jasper county.
    The pole barn shown above is mine. The first pic is several years old and has changed significantly over the past year which you can see from the current pic. As far as the footers are concerned they are built “greater” than the required size requirements for a residence….. which it is not…. it’s permitted as a “pole barn” but regardless the footers are larger than required……. by “CODE” And!!! There is no reason as to why I can’t enclose a pole barn in this county or any other county for that matter.
    As far as converting it into a residence in the future? What I do with my land or barn is none of your *** **** business!
    If you or Alan Cox would like to discuss the issue in person or at one of the commissioners meetings I’d be more than happy to discuss it with you.

    Maybe you should start practicing what you preach, and let the citizens of Jasper county live their own lives. You’re all about pointing out the flaws of the local officials but here you are spouting off about issues you know nothing about …… Like the size of the footers supporting my building( which you can’t see from the road). If you would like to bring over a shovel and a tape measure I’ll be glad to let you measure them.
    And as far as the structure not meeting “code” the building was bought as a kit and has been certified by a structural engineer for this state and was permitted by jasper county when erected. But then again, you can tell from the road that the building “doesn’t meet code” based on your highly trained eye and from a distance of 100′.
    I had a lot of respect for you and this site until I see you’re just making crap up out of thin air.

    Mike Mccombie

    • taxdogs says:

      Mike, maybe you should read the post again. What was printed was what Brad Cherry told me IN PERSON. The post does not say the pole barn does not meet code; however, Brad Cherry said you were closing it in to make a house for your daughter, and there are very different rules for construction of a house and construction of a pole barn. Nothing in the post was “made up out of thin air.” If you didn’t tell Mr. Cherry you were going to convert your pole barn into a house for your daughter, then you need to take that up with him.

      And yes, we are “nosy” because if we weren’t we would have a regional landfill in Jasper County and we would have already paid Newton County $5,500,000 for “our part” of Bear Creek Reservoir–which still doesn’t exist today. Jasper County citizens would be paying about double for their property taxes if it weren’t for us “nosy” folks.


      • Oh and by the way I never did tell brad cherry that it was going to be a house for my daughter, since my daughter was 9 at the time of construction.
        And I’m well aware of the codes regarding barns and houses and I also know(as would you if you bothered to do the research) that you can convert a barn to a residence “IF” you build it to residence codes from the beginning of the process…… Which we did, ie
        The footers (you say aren’t adequate ) more than exceed reside gals requirements
        Walls framed 16″ on center,
        Doors and windows framed meeting and exceed residential code.
        So for someone so up on the codes. Why don’t you tell me what residential codes it doesn’t meet based on the framing that’s already been done to the barn?
        This should be good considering your 100′ away from the structure.

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