September 4, 2015




The deadline passed, and the following have qualified for Monticello’s City Council:




For Mayor Pro Tem –  Incumbent Bobby Jacobs—who is not seeking re-election (but is running for Magistrate Judge next year according to his Facebook page):

  • Alton Standifer—nephew to Mayor Brian Standifer and son of county clerk, Sharon Robinson
  • Stone Workman—former Jasper County Development Authority Director and former City Council member
  • Randy Strozier—former City Council member

District One – Incumbent Cornell Williams—

  • Cynthia Miller—previously ran for Mayor Pro Tem approximately 2 terms ago
  • Cornell Williams—current City Council member for District 1


District Two – Incumbent Katherine Alexander—who is not running for re-election:

  • Stephanie Chaney—a new resident of Monticello that volunteers at the Chamber of Commerce
  • Jenny Hughes Murphy—works at and part owner of the Monticello News
  • Shaun Bell—son of former councilwoman Jackie Bell

The election takes place November 3, 2015. Make sure you know where the candidates stand on the many issues facing the City of Monticello. Get informed and vote wisely.


Citizens, be informed and stay informed! Only by being informed can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County. That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.



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  1. Diana Moreno says:

    According to Shaun Bell’s facebook he lives in Covington. How is he eligible to run for City Council?


  2. Another Workman Retread :Here We Go Again says:

    I pity the poor city taxpayer. So far, there is not a fiscal conservative in the running.
    There is also the grave probability that the debt pimp’s puppet Stone Workman will be the sure winner. He has been in the service of the public debt pimps for a over two decades now.. Much of the debt burden that the city now struggles with was accrued under Workman and his handlers, one being then mayor Susan Holmes and her loop of self-serving finance wranglers along with their cacophonic Team of ignorant albeit easily manipulated flying monkeys.

    In return for his loyal service, Workman was richly rewarded with several government jobs and appropriate connections, which allowed him to pass the public wealth right on back to his cronies. For reference see JSWSA and the fraud by which they obtained a loan from the USDA. How convenient for the finance hungry start-up JCWSA, which had no business plan, very few customers and no collateral was it to have Stone Workman, appointed director of Ga’s Rural USDA? Of course, as JCWSA board members swore via affidavit, not one member personally knew the Monticello Presbyterian elder/* former Development Authority Director who just happened to be the newly appointed state USDA director…not one.

    Convenient right…only not so much for the taxpayers of Jasper County since county taxpayers are now responsible for servicing that USDA loan ** which the incompetent and mismanaged JCWSA could never get it together long enough to pay out of water sales revenue,….more smart Growth and Strategic Planning by the self-appointed finance gurus of Jasper County. They never met a nickel they couldn’t misappropriate.

    Good look with this election Monticello, ya’ll are going to need it. However, remember when your tax bills become too onerous to bear, please do not come talking consolidation with the county. We have our own growing debt burden to bear and in the City’s case; we do not want the company of your debt borne misery in drowning. We can drag ourselves to the bottom without your help, thank you.

    • Poor City Taxpayer says:

      Don’t forget that we “poor city taxpayers” pay County taxes too.

      • You Built That Debt, Now Own It says:

        Yes, I feel your pain, but still no reason for the County to suffer the fiscal stupid that is Monticello. Consolidation is not an option. May I suggest moving?

      • taxdogs says:

        City taxpayers need to check to see how many of the candidates own property. Why vote for someone that can raise your taxes and doesn’t feel the consequences??

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