September 10, 2015

Permit$After many posts on both the TWG blog and Facebook page about code enforcement, planning & zoning, and permits, we have obtained copies of the following permits required by Jasper County. If you have been required to obtain others not listed, please email TWG or post a comment.

  • Demolition permit—must complete in 30 days or must renew permit. P&Z must do final inspection. No fee amount listed on the permit.
  • Jasper County permit—this is a “catch-all” permit for
    • Electrical
    • Plumbing
    • HVAC
    • Roof
    • Driveway/Culvert–$50
    • Prefab Metal Carport
    • Other
      • Re-inspection fees are $50.
      • Cost of permit for any item is not listed on the permit.
    • Occupational Tax Certificate/Business License—based on # of employees ranging from $50 for up to 5 employees to $2500 for 401 employees and over
    • Sign Permit—no fee amount listed on the permit
    • Logging permit–$5000 bond with road & erosion control requirements. No other fees listed on permit. $50 fine for noncompliance issues.
    • Grading & Land disturbing permit—no fee listed on the permit, but ordinance shows $50/acre.
    • Pool permit–$50 pool fee. $50 Electrical fee. Also must have copy of septic tank permit.
    • Septic Tank permit—we did not obtain a copy of this permit but saw it referenced on pool permit. This is obtained from the Jasper County Health Dep’t.
    • Filming permit & process–$250 valid for 90 days
    • Electrical reconnection–$50 fee with $50 re-inspection fee if applicable.
    • Special Use Permit–$300 fee & several requirements must be met. A junkyard has to have a special use permit. It is unclear on permit if BOC hears request or if P&Z Board hears request.
    • Building permit & checklist—fee based on size of structure
      • Inspections required for stick built structures:
        • Temp-pole
        • Footings
        • Under slab
        • All poured foundation walls
        • Pre-pour
        • House wrap
        • Rough-in
        • Insulation
        • Semi-final inspection
        • Final inspectionstructure is complete including landscaping
      • Use of Jasper County permit listed above
    • Burning permit—must call 706-468-4930 and get approval. No fee.
    • Seawall permit--$50 per ordinance

Most people in Jasper County are probably unaware that they are required to have a permit for all these things until they get a citation for violating some code they were unaware of.

Based on the recent comments, people in Jasper County aren’t excited about paying for a building inspector who seems to know little about what he is inspecting, and they surely don’t think they should have to get a permit to do things on their own property. One commenter noted that you had to have a permit to take down a dead tree; we did not find such a permit. If anyone has had to obtain a tree removal permit, or if you know there is such a permit or any other type permit not listed, please let us know.

Citizens can petition the Commissioners to change or do away with some of these requirements, if that is what they want. We are planning another Town Hall meeting in the near future where this and other topics can be discussed.



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  1. Roger Resseau says:

    I wonder how many members of the previous BOC read these rules in detail before they voted to adopt them? I suppose we are trying to keep up with the larger populated Counties?

    • That’s the problem we aren’t these other counties. This isn’t Cobb, Fulton or Clayton….. Heck not even close to Newton or Rockdale. And really if it was I’d be gone. But there are things we can do to make it a lot better without turning into dekalb

  2. THE RENT IS TOO HIGH! says:

    All these permission fees to work and build in Jasper County, coupled with the rent paid to the county each year just to live on their land are very confusing. Let’s see if I get it straight.

    Owners of land/home/business are forced by law to rent* their property from the County each year or be thrown off. In a lame attempt to make this archaic form of taxation more palatable to the exploited taxpayers, those in the tax office doll this annual rent up in esoteric nonsense masquerading as Fair Market Value which basically means that the County can increase your tax according to their spendthrift needs, which it just did. The County tax eaters can do this by increasing the millage rate or raising property values, or both, but regardless which foul spirit is invoked, you will get the stinky end of the stick. Of this, you can be sure.

    That said, my point is, after paying an incessantly inflated property tax, which is actually a rent** to the County , why are property owners taxed again in the form of permits or licenses when we want to work or build on the very property we legally rented from the county for the year? Is this not double rentation?
    If we then apply via permit or license to the Lord of the Manor for permission to improve our rental property, we then run the risk of increasing the value of the Lord’s property and thus subject ourselves to another increase in the ethereal Fair Market Value, again raising our rent. Is this not triple rentation?

    So the question is, what are we County land renters allowed to do that is free and clear of County permission and rent? …sleep?

    * Unless you find favor with cronies Gene Trammell and David Dyer, then your business can be trussed up in the holy shroud of economic development. The economic development cloak will then free you from paying any property tax, and you can get 100% of your business financed by the County taxpayers with no collateral, nothing down and no monthly payments. You cannot lose with the economic development racket.

    ** Stop paying property tax and you will soon find out just who is the legal owner of the property on which you live and/or work

  3. gary says:

    Braley sold me a permit to cut down tree. To install fence posts.
    Both were 50 bucks and no RECEIPT was given.

    What amazes me is that this thief had a badge and she made sure everyone knew that she had one. I told her to stick her badge some place smelly. How many citizens of this county are being ripped off by the code enforcement.

    Plus a building inspector should have the credentials of a licensed contractor in some trade. Mr Cherry has none of these. If I went and bought a pile of lumber and plywood could he build a plumb and square doghouse? That would be an interesting project to view.

    • taxdogs says:

      If you have copies of those permits, you ought to take them to the new County Manager or file a complaint with the Sheriff. There could be more charges awaiting Ms. Braley.

  4. Look forward to that meeting

  5. Jean Williams says:

    I would be interested to find out if the man that bought the land next to mine got a Grading and Land disturbance permit. Since he clear-cut all the trees away, my back yard is a river in a hard rain. I again complained to the county, to no avail.

    • Jean Williams says:

      I forgot to mention the fact that I tried to stop the water by purchasing 13 round bales of hay and put them down the fence line. It didn’t help.

  6. Teresa says:

    I know someone who had the code enforcement officer come out a year after a pool project was complete saying he hadn’t closed out the paperwork. He tripped the breaker and the ground fault which caused the pool pump to quit working. He wasn’t able to figure out how to turn them back on so he just left and left everything off without letting the homeowner know. If a teenager hadn’t been home to call and report the problem to the parent it would not have even been discovered for hours or possibly days since the pump was on a timer. And this is the person that approves what the people can and cannot do.

    • It’s only gonna take one time of shutting off someone’s power without a court order and someone getting hurt and the county will get sued for damages.
      What if someone power gets cut and there’s someone inside on oxygen?
      Every other place I’ve dealt with gets a court order to disconnect power.

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