September 18, 2015

The BOC hasn’t met for a month, but there seems to have been plenty going on without meetings.

$$The Monticello News has reported “The city and county have agreed to share that cost, said Mayor Brian Standifer” referring to the Monticello Baptist Church parking lot/Towee Street project. According to the article, the City has already paid $3500-$5000 in engineering costs to Jordan Engineering toward the estimated $75,000 project. They would be willing to put in $6500 more while expecting the County to match $11,000. Based on information we have requested, the GDOT amount for the project would be 70% of the approved bid or $55,000 max. The City would be obligated for the other 30% since it is a City street and City project, unless they can convince the BOC to share in that 30%.

Each BOC member was emailed with the question asking, “When did the County vote to participate in the “Towee Street project?” No answers were received. The BOC discussed this project some time ago, but there was not a consensus that the County should participate and certainly no vote. So somehow the agreement to share costs that was reported was done out of the public eye.

$$Another item on the Monday night agenda–just added today–isRFQ for Architectural Services for a Multi-Purpose Building.” This is the $300,000 Multi-purpose building that voters approved in the 2012 SPLOST. Under the leadership of this BOC, it is turning into a $1,000,000 plus building. This is the building that Trammell’s hand-picked grant writers will be trying to get a $500,000 grant, add $300,000 SPLOST, add, add, and add more according to the conversation about it at the 8/3/15 BOC meeting. Has the grant been received? How does an architect draw up plans for a ???cost and ??? size building?

The plan, as discussed, is to use this multi-purpose building for community events, have the Senior Center in the building, and use it for recreation. It will be built at the Rec Center on Ted Sauls Road. Sheriff Pope says he needs the old Senior Center building for administrative offices.

$$It was also shocking to see Emergency Services Expansion, Impact Fee Funds Request – Fire/EMS” on the agenda. So far this BOC has added on to Station 3, bought 1 new ambulance and re-mounted another, and bought one or two new fire trucks (maybe more). EMS is not performing well in any area. The EMS staff has become so limited that it has been hard to staff 2 ambulances and even harder to staff two ALS ambulances. There are also other problems at EMS that have been brought out in a previous blog (click here). What expansion is proposed is unknown and should be considered only in light of what is going to be done about the existing problems at EMS and Fire.

Other items on the agenda include:

  1. Rollingwood Cove tax sale request to write-off taxes – Tax Commissioner
  2. Planning and Zoning Board Appointments
  3. Board of Appeals Appointments
  4. Speed Limit Reduction County Line Road – Sheriff Dept.

$$And the ever present Fire Rescue Pumper Bid Results – Fire/EMS will be on the agenda once again.

We encourage you to attend the meeting at 6:00PM, Monday 9/21/15, on the lower level of the Courthouse.

Your comments, as always, are welcome.



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  1. More Stuff More Money More Power says:

    Sheriff Pope says he needs the old Senior Center building for administrative offices. Or maybe for another parking lot for all his new cars. I was hoping this sheriff would not start kingdom building.

  2. Just wondering says:

    Just wondering if the tax commissioner will write off my property taxes. Isn’t the purpose of a tax sale to sell the property for the amount of taxes due?


    Under the influence of the Trammell administration, it seems the only thing growing in Jasper County is the debt forced upon the taxpayers to fund the whimsical wish lists of “strategic planners”.

    The only two industries I see making out in the Trammell planned economy are those of bankers and engineers. But hey, they are the strategic planners, right?

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