September 22, 2015


Last Thursday afternoon a Jasper County paramedic was exhibiting very bizarre behavior. Sources tell TWG that as he was driving the ambulance, he ran off the road 3 times between Station 3 (next to the Primary School on Hwy 212 W) and Circle K.

When the ambulance got back to Station 3 and parked, he used the bullhorn and was shouting something like, “Now is the time to get out” to the children at the Primary School.

According to sources, Jarret Slocumb called for a deputy, who arrived quickly, and escorted the paramedic to Jasper Memorial Hospital for drug and alcohol testing. After the test, the paramedic got a ride home from the deputy. There have been rumors the paramedic was arrested; however, he was not arrested, but he was put on suspension by the County Manager while things were being investigated.

This incident left the ambulance unoccupied for over half a shift and there was no one staffing Station 1 on Jackson Lake Rd. during this time.

Today (Tuesday 9/22/15) the EMS Director James Gregory, County Manager Mike Benton, Fire Chief Jarret Slocumb, and the escorting deputy were to meet with the paramedic to decide what to do about the situation.





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