September 27, 2015

Procurement CorruptionFor the 3rd or 4th time, a new fire pumper was discussed and the amount of the 2nd round of bids questioned at the BOC meeting on 9/21/15.

Jarret Slocumb gives bid information—recommends the “E-1” truck:

BOC questions if bid specs are too narrow–

Jarrett said the chassis, motor, and wiring harness are the biggest differences. It appears though that the bid request was put out based on “E-1” specs—a type truck built by Fireline– so other bidders can’t meet the specifications and cannot win the bid.

A representative from Deep South, one of the companies that bid on the fire truck, was at the meeting.  The video below is a very interesting and shows why something smells about the bid specifications put out by our Fire chief.

What was revealed by Deep South–We could not meet specs because of verbiage…bid requirements had “E-1” verbiage…only an “E-1” truck could meet the specs.

The BOC also learned that the first truck bid requirements were totally different than the second truck bid requirements. Watch at 1:37 on video below.

Air packs were also put out to bid as a separate option, even though current air packs don’t expire for more than 2 years—2018– as revealed by Comm. Pennamon, who did his homework on this issue. Why would our Fire Chief include these now in the bid request?

When specs are so narrow other companies are unable to meet the bid, it is a form of bid rigging. When that happens, kickbacks are usually involved.

Thank you, Commissioners, for discussing this issue. Let’s hope you insure that all bidders are treated equally and fairly, and not just special ones that are hand-picked by those writing the bids.

This item will be back on the 10/6/15 BOC meeting agenda according to the discussion. It should be another interesting discussion.



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  1. Honesty Is Always The Best Policy says:

    Some say the E-1 is the best truck for job and that may be so, but why must Chief Slocumb waste the commissioners time with this specification farce instead of just coming out and saying that he prefers the E-1 over all others? Also, this bid farce could put the county at risk for lawsuits from other fire truck manufactures that might claim the public bid was rigged to favor only one manufacturer. Maybe not, but the potential is there and because of this risk the commissioners should get a handle on this bid process and soon.

  2. No more manipulation says:

    It sure appears that there is some scheming going on. I question why the fire chief was not at hand to answer questions when so much taxpayer money is at stake.

    In my mind, having the county attorney look at the specs is a waste of his time and our money. How would he know anything about specifications for a fire truck and associated equipment?

    I am pleased that the commissioners actually asked some questions before blindly approving the bid.

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