October 12, 2015

Meeting NoticeDon’t forget the Town Hall Meeting tomorrow, 10/13/15, at 7:00PM at Thomas Persons Hall in Monticello.

This is a meeting where citizens can discuss any problem or issue without a 3 minute limit. This is a CITIZENS MEETING; however, Commissioners and City Councilmen/women are welcome and urged to attend.

Here are some issues that people have said they want to talk about/learn about:

  • City/County Consolidation
  • Lack of ambulance staffing
  • Code Enforcement issues
  • Cost and requirement of certain permits
  • High taxes and poor service
  • Lack of cash controls in county departments
  • Public Works-when do they work, what do they do, and who supervises?
  • City Elections –Nov 2015
  • County Elections -2016
  • Landfill developments
  • Spending, spending, and more spending

…..And anything else you want to talk about. Please plan to attend and bring your friends and neighbors.

For directions click here. See you there!

Be informed! Get involved!


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