October 13, 2015


Last Thursday (10/8/15) at 4:15pm, Robert Jordan, Monticello’s engineer, opened bids for the paving and related improvements to Towee St.   There were two sealed bids submitted.

Bid 1 was from Northeast Concrete of Macon, GA. The bid was $61,699 and $54,759 with “deduct #1”.

Bid 2 was from Russell Bennett Construction of Monticello, GA. The bid was $57,050. However, there were some questions about this bid and what it did not contain.

It was very hard for Mr. Jordan to find exactly what the bid amount was from Russell Bennett Construction; in fact, he looked through the papers submitted 3 times to find the amount. There was no bid summary sheet as required in Section 3-Bid Submittal Contents, which states “shall include all of the following information.” Mr. Jordan also stated that there was no “deduct #1” as required. “Deduct #1”, according to Mr. Jordan, was a bid for the job without the sidewalk sections.

Mr. Jordan said he would give a recommendation to the City Council at their meeting Tuesday, October 13, but of course the council could vote for whichever bid they choose, based on who they thought best would represent their needs.


In August 2012, Russell Bennett came before both the Jasper County Commission and Monticello City Council with plans showing the expansion of the Baptist Church parking lot. The parking lot would have an entrance/exit at Towee St. at the “elbow” in the street below the liquor store. He assured the BOC that this would cost nothing, but the church wanted the commissioners blessing. He also stated that this would provide more parking spaces for people with business at the courthouse.

ToweeRed area-Baptist Church;  Blue-Towee St.; Yellow-Courthouse & County land

In April 2015 the project name changed from the Baptist Church Parking Lot Proposal to the Towee Street Project on the BOC agenda; the item was tabled. Instead of costing nothing, there has been a GDOT grant obtained for 70% of the project, up to $55,000 with the City picking up the 30% match. However, the City wants the County to pay 1/2 of the match. In this instance, that would be about $9000 each.

Rep. Susan Holmes sold 6.3 acres behind the “7-11” to the Baptist Church on 2/19/13 which will facilitate this project; she has also helped to get the GDOT grant to get the project done.

After the October 5, 2015 meeting, both Comm. Trammell and Comm. Pennamon said the BOC had not voted on the Towee St. funding, even though the Mayor said at the September City Council meeting the BOC had agreed to the project.

Three questions arise from this project:

  1. Does Mr. Bennett represent both the Baptist Church and his company with this bid?
  2. Will the low bid be awarded despite the fact the bid requirements were not all met?
  3. Is the low bid for the entire project or not?

By the way, how many County roads has the City helped to fund?



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  1. Another Pinocchio says:

    I remember the meeting where we were told it would not cost the county anything. That is reminiscent of the Deer Capital and Jasper County Water and Sewage. They also came before the board and said it would not cost the taxpayer anything.

    Now every time I hear someone say: “it won’t cost you anything” I know I need to hold on to my wallet because at some time in the future it will be money out of my pocket.

  2. Community Minded says:

    Isn’t everyone always pushing to keep our money here and to support our local businesses ? It seems to me that this is the very reason that we should make every effort to try to use local businesses to do local jobs. Stop trying to tear them down for not getting the process right. It would not take much to call them up and ask them to resubmit with all of the information. We don’t mind asking for new bids half a dozen times for everything else. Why not do it this time. It’s hard enough for a small business to underbid the larger one. Let’s not make them afraid to ever try again.

    • taxdogs says:

      No one is tearing anyone down. The facts are the bid did not contain the required information. When the landfill bids were submitted, one was thrown out because the company did not confirm they had gotten all 3 addendums to the bids. When they protested, it didn’t matter, the bid was not read out or used.

    • No End Justifies Dishonesty says:

      Sad to say, as long as long as it can be sold to the public as good for the community, the prevalent attitude among some in Jasper County is one of complacency towards and even encouragement of deceit, nepotism and operating outside the bounds of proper government procedure.

      Dishonesty, deceit and even the mere specter of corruption should never substitute for open honest government. Regardless the reason, to suggest supplanting total honesty with deceit of any magnitude in the business of government is never a good or honorable course to plot and will most certainly end in shattering the public trust, and likely lead to extreme budget austerity from mismanagement and theft of public funds.

      We would all do well to be reminded of the old adage “one drop of sewage in a barrel of wine makes the whole barrel sewage” and keep to the straight and narrow for the sake of all that is honest, and good .There is none greater.

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