Newton County BOC Votes to Suspend Spending and to Shelve Bear Creek Reservoir

October 21, 2015



Following are comments after last night’s Newton County BOC meeting and two news articles already posted on the web! This is BIG NEWS, folks! This reservoir would have impacted Jackson Lake and people in Jasper County. Let us hope it is not revived.


Newton Conservative Liberty Alliance

Huge win for the citizens of Newton County, GA tonight. The Board of Commissioners voted to halt moving forward with the Bear Creek Reservoir. Instead they have decided to instead focus on improvements for Cornish Creek (Lake Varner). Taxpayers rejoice.


Alcovy River Watershed Alliance

All spending on Newton County Bear Creek Reservoir stopped! Big News!


It was so nice to go to a Newton County Board of Commissioners meeting and clap all night. Well other than when JC [Henderson] spoke. Nice job everyone. Huge respect from our BOC (other than JC) to our Newton County staff too. A great night. Biggest decision – after 18 years and $22 million, ALL spending is stopped on Newton County Bear Creek Reservoir!!!



Big win tonight for the citizens of Newton County. Special thanks to the citizens that cared enough to do research and dedicate their time to getting out the information that a few didn’t want us to see. Many had the courage to challenge the status quo and speak out.




A decision made twenty years too late and $22 million dollars in the hole. I would like to thank those who believed in me instead of believing our so called self anointed “Reservoir Consultant, County Attorney” Hundreds of people have already been run off their land for no reason. Some were multi generational family farms. Some people who tried to fight…I can name several families where both spouses contracted cancer, I believe from all this unnecessary stress. This project was about one thing and one thing only; for Tommy Craig to make money. It will never be a reservoir. There is no water in Bear Creek and there is an insufficient amount to attempt to keep a 1500 acre mud puddle full by pumping water from the already beleaguered Alcovy River. Our shame and disgrace is painful, looking back at all we could have done with those funds. We still have to pay back the balance and with no water to sell, that comes to $650.00 per household. As a footnote, the water Walton County, as a partner, was taking from Cornish Creek is now available for Newton County. And of even greater importance, Newton can buy water from the new Hard Labor Creek reservoir in Walton for about half price of what it would have if we had built that reservoir.



BOC suspends all work on Bear Creek Reservoir

Sandra Brands, Covington News

Oct 20, 10:04 p.m.

All work on the Bear Creek water supply reservoir has been suspended by a 4-0 vote, with one abstention, from the Board of Commissioners Tuesday night.

In a move that caught many in the audience off guard and brought rounds of applause, Commissioner Levie Maddox made a motion to suspend all activities related to the construction of a water supply reservoir on Bear Creek.

Maddox said, “After careful prayer and much consideration, I think change is ncessary.”


Newton commissioners shelve Bear Creek reservoir project

Newton Citizen

Story by Alice Queen Tuesday, October 20, 2015

COVINGTON — Commissioners voted Tuesday night to end what one termed a “civil war” in Newton County by stopping all work and expenditures related to the Bear Creek reservoir project.


Now the question to be answered is—WHEN is the Newton County BOC going to shelve Tommy Craig and suspend all payments to him?

TWG has fought long and hard against this so called reservoir that has become a money pit for the citizens and a constant flow of money for Tommy Craig. The citizens of Jasper County stood against this project long ago and have kept a wary eye out for another alliance. Thank you to the citizens of Newton County who have fought this project for almost 2 decades!




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5 Responses to Newton County BOC Votes to Suspend Spending and to Shelve Bear Creek Reservoir

  1. Thankful says:

    I agree with “chalk one up for the good guys”.

    Not only did the “crazies” (as some like to call TWG) save the taxpayers a lot of money on the Bear Creek Reservoir; they saved us a lot of money on the “turn trash into electricity” scheme at the landfill, potentially having a regional landfill and went to court to save us from running the JCWSA operation.

    Thank you TWG!

    • SUPPORT TWG says:

      It’s true! The only real representation the taxpayers have in Jasper County comes from TWG. Where would County taxpayers get crucial information about our County government without it?

  2. Happy! says:

    I agree!

  3. Chalk One Up For The Good Guys says:

    Will those property owners who had their lives destroyed and property stolen by those FORWARD thinking STRATEGIC PLANNERS in Newton County at the very least have their property returned now?

    A belated thanks should go Mary Patrick and the Taxpayers Watchdog Group for their hard work and diligence in defeating the attempt by local self-appointed “strategic planners” to force Jasper County into a Bear Creek partnership with Newton County. We were saved the loss of millions of our own tax dollars because of their thankless effort. So, when will we see Mary Patrick and TWG receive public recognition for saving the taxpayers of Jasper County from the loss of millions in local tax revenue… Citizen(s) of the year, at very the least I should think ? Lord knows we see enough public awards go to people who do nothing but get us into debt.How about taking the time to recognize those who keep us out of debt?

    And lest we forget, cronies of Tommy Craig and his gang of “we take whatever we want” conspirators still slither amongst the shadows of Jasper County economic development.

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