October 29, 2015

Melissa Strozier


Lax controls and lack of oversight allow all sorts of things to happen, and those that are tempted can easily get away with theft of funds, supplies, equipment, etc.

Melissa Strozier who works at the Jasper County Senior Center was arrested on Wednesday, October 28th after the GBI issued an arrest warrant for theft by conversion.



See copy of warrant here.

Sources tell TWG that the GBI investigation has been ongoing for approximately two months. Rumors throughout the community are that Melissa Strozier used Jasper County Care Corps funds to pay her family members and others city utility bills. The limit set by the Care Corps was about $50 per person and only twice a year at the most, but this limit was ignored by Mrs. Strozier.

It appears that Mrs. Strozier has been paying utility bills for friends and family members for almost two (2) years with Jasper County Care Corps funds. She would use one check that she would request for a large amount, and then tell City staff whose utilities were to be paid with that check. Sources tell us that just between January and August 2015, over $11,000 of utility bills were paid with Care Corps funds. The investigation should find out how much of that total was used to pay questionable and unauthorized bills, as well as how many funds were converted during the two year period.

After the Care Corps directors were made aware of what was going on, sources tell us Ms. Strozier then tried to use Project Share money that comes through the local DFACS office via The Salvation Army to pay the utility bills.

There has been much concern in community about the way Care Corps and Project Share money has been used.

There should also be concern that Ms. Strozier is a county employee overseeing Older American funds, food purchases, and cash with limited if any oversight by the County Manager and Jasper County Commissioners.

Melissa Strozier is the wife of Randy Strozier who is running for Mayor Pro Tem of Monticello.



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  1. Don't let it happen again says:

    Lax rules foster this type of behavior.

    Some people come late to work time and time again and nothing is being said or done about it.

    No work report or even logs of fines or charges are being kept.

    When people point out situations that are not right, nothing is being done to correct it.

    Commissioners are either deaf to issues or don’t want to be bothered.

    It’s high time there is oversight again.

  2. Jerry says:

    We have 3 employees arrested by the GBI. Sherry Braley was arrested 4 or 5 months ago and we haven’t heard a peep about it. Is she going to court or is this all for show? I for one am sick of people stealing and nothing happening. What is going on?

    • Flabergasted says:

      I agree! You can bet they are only sorry they got caught! If they had not been caught they would still be doing it. Standing up in church and crying and asking for forgiveness was only done because she was caught. You can trust Sherry about as far as you can pick her up and throw her. I don’t know or have I had personal experience with the other two, but suspect the story is close to the same.

  3. David Sheppard says:

    What a shame. They should know better. Ds

  4. Flabergasted says:

    Geez Louise! Who will be next?

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