October 30, 2015


The Jasper County BOC will hold its regular meeting this coming Monday with the following items on the agenda:

  1. Dollar General Rezoning—Hwy 212 W at Jackson Lake Rd.—Public Hearing
  2. P&Z Board of Appeals Appointments
  3. Landfill Fiber Removal Bid Results (and hopefully acceptance)
  4. Discussion on Disposition of Distressed Properties
  5. 2016 LMIG Application—for roads to be done with State Grant money

The County Manager also has a time on the agenda to give the BOC updates. None of these items are listed as agenda items and citizens attending the meetings know what they are until the issues are brought up. These items should not be items that are voted on. At the last meeting, the County Manager had about 5 or 6 items and the BOC discussed and voted on one of the items without it being on the agenda. TWG urges the BOC to avoid this lack of transparency. All items voted on should be on the agenda and available so the public can know about them before the meeting. That is called transparency and is part of good open meetings and open government.


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