October 31, 2015

Take ActionTake Action



TWG has been alerted that only one ambulance is staffed and will be the only ambulance in service until at least 9PM tonight.

Last week TWG was told two (2) more EMT/Paramedics are leaving Jasper County EMS.

With an $813,424 budget, and 2 new ambulances (one new and one with a total remount), EMS should be able to provide excellent service to Jasper County. This can’t happen with the current leadership that allows our county to be without ambulance service, especially at critical times, such as Halloween night.

If you want changes, call your Commissioners!

As always, your comments are welcome.



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  1. Jack BeNibble says:

    This article is a little miss leading. Through the grape vine, Jasper county was covered by two ambulances until 3pm. Two employees stayed over to cover until late as possible.

    • taxdogs says:

      And then from 3PM until 9PM or after, during Halloween, there was no coverage, IF there actually was coverage by 2 ambulances. Just because James says so, doesn’t make it so.

  2. Step up right here says:

    We have had two consecutive large property tax increases and the mandated services are getting poorer. What is going on? Where is our money going?

    What if an ambulance is needed at your house and there is only one ambulance staffed and on the way to an accident at the other end of the county. It could become a life or death situation.

    Commissioners, I am pleading with you, please, please start getting involved. The next life saved could be yours.

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