November 20, 2015

School Superintendent, Mike Newton, for the Board of Eduction (BOE) has issued “the Official Statement” to address citizens concerns.

Click Here to read the entire statement.

We are told in this statement to remember, the BOE DOES NOT INTERACT WITH YOU! You are encouraged to come and OBSERVE work conducted by the BOC, but they will not discuss personnel or problems at school.

BOE don't bother us
If BOE meetings are not for the purpose of interaction between concerned citizens and BOE members, than a procedure should be in place where a meeting can be scheduled for the BOE to interact with the citizens. Why can’t the Superintendent arrange for such a meeting to take place?

The statement also encourages parents to become more involved and discuss things with teachers and principals (as if this hasn’t been done).

BOE parent involveWe saw how that worked out when one parent did so. The child was harassed by the teacher.

Most of all the BOE EXPECTS teachers to refrain from instructional practices that “promote or defame any religion” or “promotes personal agendas in the classroom.”

BOE expects
But what is done about it when it does happen? Expecting and doing something about it when it occurs are two very different things. Mr. Newton claims that he and the BOE investigate allegations of unprofessional conduct promptly and professionally, but there is no evidence of this either publicly or privately as some of the complaints have continued for years. Is there an explicit policy in place for what happens if this behavior continues?

Here is a link to the Code of Ethics for Educators. Authority O.C.G.A. § 20-2-200; 20-2-981 through 20-2-984.5

 What options are there for concerned parents and taxpayers of Jasper County?

Parents, it is now up to you to document what goes on at your child’s school and what is said to your child and in your child’s classroom. You must document, in WRITING, who you contact, when you contact them, what is said. You must document everything in writing and add copies of papers, pictures, recordings, etc.

If things don’t change to reflect a respect for all students and their religious preference, to stop pushing lifestyle choices on students, to stop bullying students, or any other unprofessional conduct, then all the documentation can be submitted to State authorities.

Let us be clear—based on comments to the blog, telephone calls, emails, and facebook posts—these complaints are not about only one teacher or only one issue. Read the comments here and here.

Citizens and parents cannot defend a School Board that does not defend our children. Everyone is now waiting and watching. We urge anyone with information they wish to share now or in the future to send it to

These issues can not continue to be ignored or swept under the rug as they always have been. Get involved! Be aware of what is going on! Standing together, citizens can change things!



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  1. Bob says:

    Maybe they should do away with the BOE since they don’t do anything anyway. I am thankful that I don’t have children in school.

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