November 23, 2015

Questioning Man

A comment on the blog has brought up something for us all to think about, and we want to share it with you.

Think about this—Bear Creek Reservoir land in the south part of Newton County has gone up in value since it was purchased from the landowners. It’s gone up so much the people can’t afford to buy it back. But the commercial land of Stanton Springs, right along I-20 has gone down in value at the same time. Down so much it is now worth half of what we taxpayers paid for it.


Here is the blog comment.

Stinking it up says:

I do not understand this. Commercial land is valued higher than residential land. Why are they selling commercial property at farmland prices?

People had to sell their land to Newton County so they could spend millions of dollars on an ill-advised Bear Creek Reservoir project that is now dead. These same people cannot afford to buy their land back because they are told the land value increased since they sold it.

How come Stanton Springs area land decreased in value significantly, but the land in the Bear Creek Reservoir area increased in value?

Why is there no appraisal? Something is rotten and stinks to high heaven.

How is it all these “economic development plans” always cost the taxpayers money while the developers always make out like bandits?



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