December 6, 2015

Meeting Notice


The Jasper County Commissioners have posted the following agenda for Monday night:


 A public hearing will be held at 6:00PM for a Special Use Permit to allow a junkyard at 33 Edwards Road Monticello, Ga 31064. 

 Old Business: 

  1. Board Appointment – Tax Assessors, Position 1
  2. HVAC Bid Results – EMS/Fire Building Expansion

New Business:

  1. Special Use Permit, 33 Edwards Road – Nancy Carlton
  2. 2016 Beer, Wine, & Alcohol License Renewals
  3. Resolution to Adopt Amended and Restated GEBCorp Plan
  4. Online Banking Authorization for Finance Manager
  5. FY 2016 Financial Reporting
  6. FY2015 Final Budget Amendments

County Manager Update:

  1. 2015 LMIG Post Road Paving
  2. Courthouse Roof
  3. Wood Fiber Disposal


Citizens, be informed and stay informed!

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