December 14, 2015

1.    Public Works is depending on you! After wasting $75,000 on plate dirt (approved by the BOC) and numerous hours of work putting it down, PW has spent even more money on scraping up this plate dirt and replacing it with gravel. This has cost several hundred thousand dollars. PW can’t properly maintain their equipment, so they need money to buy more or fix what they tore up. And then there is road repair—a huge joke and waste of money in Jasper County. Here is a picture of one of the roads in Turtle Cove as you pull into it. And almost 1/2 of the road has turned into rubble and dirt, and potholes are everywhere.

Oriole Cir 12.13.15 at WhipporwillInstead of using left over tar to fix places like this (which is almost anywhere in the county),  PW dumps it and buries it. Supervision is totally lacking at PW.

Yes, they need your money—they get and spend over 18% of the county budget.


2.    Code Enforcement is depending on you! When Comm. Pennamon has to tell Code Enforcement to look into something that is so bad and people have complained about for years, something is wrong. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACode Enforcement has done next to nothing for 3 years now. That is evident by the lack of cases in Magistrate Court. It seems Code Enforcement has a hard time looking into complaints, much less citing violations that are easily seen if they were actually out in the county doing their job. Case in point, the junkyard that has violated codes for 6 months and not even a warning was written. The county has many areas that have become tire dumps as well.

Tires.HerdsCreek.Sept2015Yes, they need your money!

3.    JCWSA is depending on you! Thanks to our current BOC and their 31 year agreement, the JCWSA will receive $42,900 of your tax money at the end of the December. It won’t come at a better time, because despite the infusion of $50,000 bonus money last year, the JCWSA seems to be broke again. Their financials for November show a negative cash balance, they owe the Bank of Monticello $40,000 by 12/31/15 (which they will promptly renew January 1st), and they owe a variety of note payments each month.

Yes, they need your money!


4.    Economic Development Authority is depending on you! This year they have put us all on the hook for $1.8M of bonds to open a wood flooring plant that will bring us “7 or 8 jobs.” They also decided that no property taxes would be paid by the new business for 10 years. The ED Director makes $60,000 a year plus expenses and “bonuses”, depending on what ED board decides. In 2014 we were presented with 8 cell towers, most are nothing but towers without equipment to make our cell service better.

Yes, they need your money!

5.    All other departments need your money and are depending on you! Here is a breakdown of all the departments and the amount and % of your county taxes they get.

FY16Bud with %Yes, they all need your money!

6.  The School Board is depending on you!  50.35% of all the property taxes you pay go to the schools. 

Yes, they need your money!

7.    Your taxes are actually due on 12/20/15. Don’t forget to pay them on time or you will owe a penalty for paying late.



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  1. Freda Diaz says:

    Wonder what would happen on Jan 1st if no one in the county paid their taxes this year…mmmm

  2. ljline says:

    And yet the animal control budget is so pitiful that they have to ask for donations when they run low on food. The girls are almost afraid to ask for anything.

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